Monday, October 08, 2012


I am so so SO glad to be home.  When I finally saw the mountains off in the distance out of the plane window my heart filled with such joy.  And I know how hokey and cliche and cheesy that sounds but I don't care because it was so much the truth.  It was funny, it was all I could do to restrain myself from excitedly pointing out the mountains and saying how happy I was to be home to the guy in the fancy pantsy business suit sitting next to me.  I spent the flight watching video on my laptop of Strum and me from an agility seminar last February and realized with a certain degree of embarrassment that I was currently wearing the exact same outfit of grungy dog clothes that I was wearing in the video.  And I mean the exact same outfit down to the big klunky trail running shoes.  Driving from the airport I could hardly wait to get home as the mountains got closer and closer.

I got a very big greeting from some crazy off their heads monkey dogs.  Even Cody got up to shuffle over and say hello.  I wondered if he would notice I was gone and miss me and I think he did.

There was some excitement on the home front while I was gone.  Jonny ran into a bear just a few houses down the street from ours while walking Strummer.  He saw the bear before Strummer did and stopped until he'd moved along but when Strummer caught a whiff of it he turned tail and tried to pull Jonny back to the house.  Then Lola had the best day of her life and by that I mean she finally caught a squirrel.  Like had it in her jaws.  Jonny's panicked screams caused her to drop it and miraculously it got away and presumably lived and has a good story to tell to his squirrel buddies around the water cooler.

Usually whenever I go out of town a celebrity dies and miraculously none did even with 3 weeks of in and out of town.  Andy Williams died while I was at USDAA Nationals which is sort of like being out of town but not really so it only kind of counts.  I loved Andy Williams when I was a little kid, was sad to hear he'd passed away but to be honest was sort of surprised he was still alive.

Normally at this time of year I start getting excited about next year's goals but right now it feels so good to be done with this year's I can't even begin to think about next year.  Plenty of time for that in the coming months.  For now I'm going to hunker down and enjoy my time at home for the next few months.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to realize that you've made the right choice of where to live and with whom, that it gives you such pleasure to arrive home? You're a lucky (and smart) woman!

    I loved Andy Williams, too. I didn't have very many LPs even as a teenager, but one of them was Andy Williams. My whole family watched his shows. One of my favorite bits was a scene where he was strolling through the woods with that Williams twinkle in his eyes, singing, "I talk to the trees...," and some guys in white medical outfits come running out and put him into a straight jacket and take him away. I dunno, it appealed to my sense of humor, and I liked that he had that humor, too.