Friday, October 05, 2012

Hanging at the Lake

I haz wifi's.  Who knows for how long but maybe long enough to get out  a quick post.

Went down to Lake Michigan today for a quick visit.  It was not so very nice out.  Grey and windy and not freezing cold but that penetrating dampness that I so don't miss living in Colorado.

The lake looked more irritated than angry.  You should see it when it's angry.  But don't go in it when it's angry, trust me on this one.

I tracked a ton of sand into my aunt's car after tramping around on the beach in my trail running shoes.  Oops.

Nice view of the Bahai Temple from the Wilmette Harbor.  More pictures of the temple here from a trip 2 years ago.

The Village of Wilmette loves rules.  Lots of signs everywhere to remind you of the rules in case you forget.

They especially like rules when it comes to dogs.  Dogs, even on leash, have not been allowed in any Wilmette parks since the 70's.  Now there is a dog beach that you can take your dog to but there are lots and lots of rules and you have to take your dog on a designated route to get to the beach.

There were even more signs about stuff you'd better not even think of doing but the pictures came out too blurry.  I think my poor point and shoot camera is starting to go.

Wilmette is also very particular about businesses, signs, etc.  This is what a Starbucks looks like in Wilmette.

Do not even think about opening a Walmart or Target or McDonalds in Wilmette.  Though maybe it's a good thing that there are some places somewhere that don't have a Walmart or a McDonalds.

Today's big family drama was all about timeshares.  My grandfather bought a bunch of weeks of timeshares up in northern Wisconsin during times of the year that no one in their right mind would want to go to northern Wisconsin.  Like in February or the end of November or I don't even know when.  And the maintenance fees on these weeks . . .  yikes is all I have to say.  Nobody in the family wants to inherit the timeshares and pay the maintenance fees and go to northern Wisconsin, well, ever, let alone in February.  You cannot even give these weeks away and we know because my aunt tried.  She gave away 2 of the weeks that weren't in February but the others?  No way.  And the other aunt is telling me I'm going to eventually be responsible for my share of the maintenance fees even though I haven't been to northern Wisconsin in 20 years or so and I argued vehemently against buying the timeshare back in the 70's.  Because even as a teenager I could see this was a bad idea.  But my grandfather fancied himself a genius investor and I was just a dumb teenage girl.

Anyway, after much searching for 35 year old pieces of paperwork and going around in circles about this and freaking out by me because I'm having enough trouble right now with my own mortgage let alone property that I don't even want and why on earth would I ever go to northern Wisconsin in February and good gravy people, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  So I googled and according to the internets I don't have to inherit anything I don't want to, especially not timeshares with ridiculous maintenance fees in the frozen tundra no matter what sort of genius agreement my grandfather entered into.  Now I know googling in the internets is maybe not as good as consulting a lawyer but since we can't find the paperwork that the lawyer needs I'm going to assume the internets knows what it's talking about.  Unless any of you would like a free week or three in the frozen tundra.

Two more days.  I wonder what adventure awaits tomorrow.


  1. What part of northern WI, because there is an awesome snowshoe race in Ashland around Feb./March - Book Across the Bay. And it is really, really hard to find places to stay during that time! I'm from MN, so we go to WI in Feb. to warm up LOL!!

  2. It is Lake Forest Resort in Eagle River, WI. Not sure exactly what the dates of the weeks are but I can find out tomorrow. Seriously, we're willing to give the weeks away. Eagle River is very beautiful but I live in CO, one aunt lives in MI and the aunt who lives in Chicago has her own condo in Door County which is several hours closer to her. Nobody in the family goes up there anymore.

  3. Unfortunately the weeks are the last week of November and first 2 weeks of December. I guess when we were up there in February it wasn't part of the timeshare, my crazy family just thought 20 degrees below zero sounded like a fun getaway weekend and I assumed it was a timeshare weekend. I was never so cold in my life and refused to ever go back in winter.

  4. I dont know how people live where its so cold. I would be so depressed. I dont even like it when it gets to 40 degrees here in the winter.

  5. I know, I won't even go to Chicago in the winter anymore let alone practically to the Canadian border. I don't mind the 40's, I even like it for agility because 40's and sunny here is still warm enough. But the midwest has that damp,wet, penetrating cold and cloudy grey days. Not exactly a vacation mecca in my book.

  6. Well, you do lead an interesting life.

    Ya know, even hoity toity Sedona AZ has a McDonalds--but its signs are low-key, tasteful, adobe, and teal. Even the arches on the sign are teal. (I have a photo around here somewhere but apparently haven't posted it anywhere yet. Apparently everyone else who has visited there is as taken with the idea as I was, because there are a zillion images if you google Sedona McDonalds.) Maybe Wilmette could get with that program.

    I love your lake photo.

  7. Winnetka is next door to Wilmette and even more snooty and they had a huge battle back in the early 80's over a McDonald's opening there. Residents fought it tooth and nail but in the end it opened. Same thing with the sign though, a very small sign integrated with a fancy Tudor exterior. There was stained glass inside and a salad bar.

    I've seen the McDonald's in Sedona and it reminds me of Winnetka.

  8. I hear you about the Timeshares. My parents bought a couple and when we inherited them, my sisters and I were constantly being harassed to pay the maintenance fees although we never used them. Finally a lawyer friend took them off our hands for free because he does like to golf and you can trade your timeshare in one place for a different one.