Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A nice weekend for Strum and me, nice smooth runs, a great site with wonderful cushy matting, and that easy breezy low key atmosphere at your typical DOCNA trial.  Not too many opportunities to try anything too fancy pansty but a fun weekend for Strummer no less.  He loves to let loose on those flowy open courses.

High points were a couple of nice Jumpers runs where Strum did such a nice job of collecting, sending ahead, reading my turning cues, and generally being awesome.  But sheesh, yet more courses that were just pinwheel to 360 to pinwheel.  Lots of running down a straight line of jumps and a box to negotiate but otherwise nothing too crazy.  No wraps so no chances to practice a Ketscher.

Jumpers Round 1

Jumpers Round 2, the reverse of Round 1

Jumpers 1 & 2 with some goth music in honor of Halloween.  And yes I know it's after Sisters of Mercy went all crappy, poppy, commercial but I don't have any of the cool old school stuff on mp3.  And this particular song is a guilty pleasure.

DOCNA SPECIALIST JUMPERS, OCT. 2012 from colliebrains on Vimeo.

Another high point was that Strum got 3/4 of his dogwalks including both Standard runs.  Unfortunately he had uncharacteristic off courses in tunnels for both runs.  Round 1 he did that weird thing of running across my feet to take the least obvious entrance.  This mysteriously cropped up in a practice session several months ago.  He seems so sure of himself when he does it, I'm sure he's interpreting a cue in some way.  Wish I knew what he was cueing off of.  Round 2 was probably a case of me rotating too slowly out of a front cross and he took off for the wrong tunnel while my shoulders were facing it coming out of the cross.  Hard to say from the video and during the run I was shocked to have lost him so I'm not sure exactly what happened.  Otherwise some nice runs, especially Round 2 where I managed to hustle up a straight line to get a front cross in a couple of jumps after the A-frame.

Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard Rounds 1 & 2 and Strategic Time Gamble.  Missed that stupid time gamble by .08 seconds.  If only I hadn't stepped on my poor dog and caused a face plant.  Was a nice run otherwise and he got his dogwalk.

2012 DOCNA OCT STD TIME GAMBLE from colliebrains on Vimeo.

And here's our Snakes and Ladders run, perfect except for the missed dogwalk.  I'm mostly posting it because I found a cool version of Rocket Man performed by a band formed by This American Life from the classifieds for the purpose of doing just the one song.  The musicians included and indie rock drummer/bassist, a theremin player, jazz singer, acid funk guitarist, electric violinist, you get the picture.  Little Stinker got all his weave entries, over the moon about that.

DOCNA SNAKES & LADDERS OCT 2012 from colliebrains on Vimeo.

In all a fun weekend.  The indoor arena at Denver Dog Sports was so nice, felt great to go home without hacking up lungfuls of dirt and I love the cushy surface.  Strum's first 2 runs were a little crazy but it's hard to say if it was due to getting used to the springy surface or due him running his monkeys out.  After those first couple of runs though he settled in and ran so nicely on that surface.

The site is very near the site for USDAA Nationals so I knew where all the good food places were and I had a good lunch both days which always helps with energy levels.  Didn't have that exhausted feeling waking up Monday morning.  Plus I was done with my 4 runs by 2:30 or so on Sunday.  Hope they use this site again next year.

Next 4 trials are only 20 minutes from my house at Boulder County Fairgrounds, alternating USDAA and DOCNA one per month.  Such a relaxing thought after all the running around I did that past 2 months.

Final Stats

Specialist Jumpers Saturday Q-2nd place

Specialist Jumpers Sunday Q-2nd place

Specialist Trigility Q - 1st place

No titles that I'm aware of.

3/4 (75%)

5/5 (100%)

 5/5- 100%, though all were iffy, not what I wanted, could have been the particular teeter

Weave pole entries
6/10 (60%), no pop-outs

Bars down
None.  Yay!

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