Sunday, April 01, 2012

Blue Skies on the Blue Sky Trail

Yet another picture perfect day.

Jonny and I had a Ferris Bueller day on Friday and enjoyed the blue skies and red rocks on a nearly empty Blue Sky Trail up near Fort Collins.  So nice to have the trail to ourselves.

Indian Summer Trail

We stopped at this place in the small town of Lyons on the way up for some fuel.

They have good mochas and brownies there to help power you up the hills but you'd best not be in a hurry when you go because you'll probably get stuck behind a lady who wants some sweet chai tea but doesn't want it to taste too sweet.  And then another lady who is also having some kind of issue with her chai tea and wants her tea bag massaged a certain way.  I wish I was making this up.  I'm not kidding, this town is worse than Boulder.  I've long wanted to live in Lyons which is about 15-20 minutes north of Boulder and at the foot of the canyon that takes you to Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park.  But lately I think the town has become more Boulder than Boulder and not in a good way.  Anyway, the coffee and treats are good once you get them and it's a 'zero waste' cafe so all the cups, napkins, etc. are compost-able and you have to wipe your hands on your shorts after you wash your hands in the bathroom because there are no paper towels or hand dryers and I think 'zero waste' is kind of a ridiculous notion when you're talking about consuming things but at least they're trying.  And if you're playing hooky on a Friday you'll be lucky to catch the staff on dress up day.  We were treated to 'Flower Children Friday'.

The other good thing about Lyons is they have funny bears.

I also managed to get a few more pictures of the creepy looking general store in Masonville.

Unfortunately they were from the moving car again.  We don't stop on the way up because we're eager to hit the trail and we think, 'Oh, we can stop on the way back when we're not in a hurry.'  Then on the way back we're way too tired and just want to get home to let the dogs out and get some food.  But one of these days . . .

This mural in particular creeps me out.  Looks even more creepy when it's blurry.

It's crazy that it's April 1 and I have a tan line despite all the zillions of sunscreen.  Yesterday got up to 81 degrees and today is supposed to do the same.  It's supposed to snow tomorrow but I'll believe that when I see it.  Some moisture would be good though, there's a wildfire burning outside of Denver that's killed 3 people and destroyed almost 30 homes, would be good to get some snow in those woods.  Boulder will be a dust bowl soon if we don't get some rain and I'll end up with overuse injuries before the real training season even starts because I can't force myself to take a day off when the weather is so fabulous.

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