Friday, April 13, 2012

Freaky Friday the 13th

Here's a fun little whodunnit for you.  I left my house with Strummer at around 8:20 this morning to meet a friend for some agility practice.  Which was very fun BTW, Strum was SO happy to be back playing and I'm finally working the rust out of my gears.  Anyway, I returned home at 10:00 to find all the carpets in the house had been vacuumed.

Cue creepy music, etc.

Actually maybe this is a better case for the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.  I know there was no murder/serial killer but the psychology of behavior is how we're going to solve this mystery.

Let's go over the details of the case.  No sign of forced entry, nothing stolen, no other part of the house was cleaned.  Possible suspects include:

Unsub #1 - Miss Lola - Too much of a Diva for housework plus no opposable thumbs.

Damn Straight.

Unsub #2 - Professor Cody Baloney - Would totally love to vacuum the house if he could but again, no opposable thumbs.

Professor Cody  Baloney at your service.

Unsub #3 - Strummerpants - Normally would be Prime Suspect #1 but has a rock solid alibi since he was with me the whole time.

I'm pretty sure I'm innocent.

Unsub #4 - Vacuum Fairy - If only . . .

Unsub #5 - Aliens coming to earth to play practical jokes on unsuspecting earthlings

(Aside - I find it hilarious that if you google 'aliens smirking photos' you get a photo of Dick Cheney.  I'm not even kidding, try it for yourself).

Sadly the aliens option is looking like the best possibility at this point.  Unless of course someone finally invented time travel in the future and my future self came back to mess with me.  I could totally see myself doing that to myself.

But wait, Special Agent Garcia is hot on the case.

She tells me to go in the garage and check the windows and sure enough as soon as I look in my garage and see that one of the windows is no longer broken I crack the case. 

Garcia hacks into Jonny's email and finds out that he's made a 9:00 appointment with a window guy to repair one of the garage windows that was damaged in one of our zillions of wind storms this past winter.  Now why has he taken it upon himself to vacuum in this short window of time that he's home while the window guy is here?

Unsub #3 - I knew he was somehow responsible.

Wait, I thought I was innocent.

Strummer attacks the vacuum which makes vacuuming super fun so Jonny has taken advantage of his absence to run the vacuum in peace.  Case closed.


  1. LOL! Glad you figured it out :)

  2. LOL! Good investigative work! I would have thought the same.

    Glad to hear Mr. Summit isn't the only vacuum freakazoid (does Strummer bite the vacuum too?).

  3. Yeah, he bites the vacuum, wheeled trash cans, rakes, brooms, snow shovels (the lawn mower if we were to let him). His m.o. is to make all chores as difficult as possbile.

  4. My dogs all go crazy over the vacuum even the chihushua. She bites the vaccum too. All very annoying. So needless to say, the house doesnt get vacuumed very often. I lock everyone in cages to get it done. But then there is all the barking. Ugh!!

  5. I've discovered that I can lock Strummer in a bedroom and he'll be quiet while I vacuum if it's only for a very short time but raking, shoveling, lawn mowing are always a problem because he'll bark from inside the house. Luckily I have a small house/yard so it doesn't take too long to get those chores done.

  6. Ah, science wins again! Fun mystery story.