Monday, March 26, 2012

Week in Training

Another good solid week of training despite taking 2 well needed rest days.  I backed off the biking and running a little and increased the swimming which is kind of cheating as far as training volume goes but my legs were crying uncle.  Weather says June buy my quads still say January.  I especially have to be careful with running because that's the place I'm most likely to injure myself if I get overzealous.  Had a great nearly 2 hour run yesterday on the very steep Hogback trail and no knee pain at all so for now I've got the balance just right.  And that was after 18 miles of biking on the trails at Lory State Park the day before so I was pleased to pull that off.  Running speed is still hopelessly slow but I feel so close to breaking through a plateau and having an improvement if I keep plugging away.

Strummer had 2 agility practices this week on his own out at the training field.  No problems whatsoever with the tire as first obstacle.  I'm convinced he was having over stimulation/start line issues rather than tire issues at that trial, it just happened that the tire was the first obstacle for so many courses.  His dogwalk fell apart yesterday, not sure what was going on but I'm hoping it's a fluke, he's been doing so well with it.  Otherwise he was great and I was horribly rusty.  Was rushing my cues, being unclear, not supporting things properly.  That will come back with practice though.  I've enlisted the help of my training partner so Strummer can go back to having some practices while he's wound up.  I also want to do some remedial start line stay training.  I can't have this dog lose his solid stay.  If he breaks his stay in training he'll lose his turn and the other dog will get to go.  Not sure if this will work because he actually likes watching the other dog but we'll give it a shot.

I've been loving the freakishly warm, sunny weather but March is normally our snowiest month and we haven't had any snow or moisture at all and this last week looks like yet more sunny and dry 70's as well.  Great for training but not so great for fire danger.  Hopefully we'll get some nice soaking rains in April.

Swim:  8100 yards/3 hours 35 mins.

Mountain bike:  32.12 miles, 3 hours 45 mins. (trails)

Run:  8.85 miles/2 hours, 19 mins.

Total training time: 9 hours, 39 mins.


  1. Great job this week! I am so jealous of your weather, all we've had is cold and rain.

  2. Send some rain this way, we've got a wildfire burning that could surely use it.