Friday, April 20, 2012

Crazy Dog Lady Goes to Boot Camp Redux

I signed up for a month of boot camp classes through one of those Groupon knock-off type deals.  $15 for a whole month of unlimited classes sounded like a great idea at the time.  I showed up for my first class, 'Hills and Drills', on Wednesday and was the only one to show up because apparently the other regular folks had had such a hard workout on Monday that they were still licking their wounds by Wednesday.  So the instructor had me all to herself.  Which was maybe a good thing because it meant I didn't have to be mortified if I was the last one up the hill and everyone else was waiting for me.

Anyway, it's been forever since I've done running intervals and most of my running these days involves shuffling along and avoiding knee pain.  My introduction to hill intervals involved running up a big ass hill to the Starbucks where I was tortured with not getting a mocha for a reward.  Instead my reward was running in place while bringing my knees up really high until I felt ready to barf or hopping up and down off a curb until I also felt ready to barf.  Then down the hill for recovery and some funny lunge thingies at the bottom while a homeless guy watched on and probably thought we were crazy though maybe not because this is Boulder after all.

But wait there's more.  A 1/2 mile interval on Boulder High School's fancy pants rubberized track then a 1/2 mile cool down.  Then the core exercises.  I do a lot of butterfly kicking on my back in the pool at masters so I thought I had at least a smallish amount of core strength but it turns out I was seriously deluded.  We did maybe 4 minutes worth of core strengthening and once again I'm ready to barf.  Two days later my abs were still so so sore.  I'm scared to go to the regular weight/strengthening workout where they do a lot of core work.  Maybe too hard core for me or maybe it'll be good for me.  I guess I'll find out next week.

This has been a very stressful week on the work/business front.  I had a radio interview which I've never done before and found preparing for it very nerve wracking but somehow when I did the actual interview some strange, coherent, professional sounding person took over my brain and it turned out pretty good I think.  It's going to air on Tuesday and I'll provide a link when I know the time but I'll also have it as a podcast so anyone can listen to it anytime.

At the same time I was getting wound up over the radio interview I also signed a lease for a new office.  I was so excited about it because I get it all to myself full time and it's only $14 a month more than my current office which I share and only get part time.  I thought I had a month to month lease on my old office when I signed the lease for the new office.  But after the fact I decided to check the lease to be sure but couldn't find it and went into a panic because I found an emailed, unsigned copy of the lease that said it was for a year.  I was sure I'd had them change it before I signed it but I couldn't find the ammended, signed copy.  Tore my office apart, mad at myself that I'd somehow lost it despite being so supposedly well organized.  Was also freaked out with myself, not so much because I'd forgotten the terms of the lease but more so because I was so sure of them that I didn't even think to check until after I'd signed the other lease.  Is it a sign of early dementia?  Or maybe the boot camp is more of a sign.  Getting old is a bitch.  And Jonny found my first grey hair but that's a trauma for another day.  In the end I was either right about my lease terms or my landlord is really nice because he listed the office space on Craig's list before I had a chance to discuss it with him.  What an enormously huge relief that was!  The thought of having to pay for 2 offices for 4 1/2 months was also making me want to barf.  So happy to be through with all of that drama and all on the same day plus several hours worth of clients.  I'm also very excited about my new office, will be great to have a space that's all my own and no more folding up an acupuncture table and moving a recliner around every time I see clients.  I feel bad leaving my old place, the people were all so nice but I was having trouble scheduling clients into the hours I had available to me and was losing at least one or two clients a month because I couldn't work out the scheduling.  Was also having noise issues and my new place seems a lot more quiet.  Can't wait to move in next month.

Phew, bring on the weekend.  I feel a super long bike ride in my future.  And some agility fun.

Strummy says hooray for weekends!


  1. Thank goodness you missed all the actual barfings! Don't think I'd have wanted photos of that, although it certainly would've been original. Congrats on the new office space. Sounds perfect.

  2. Holy, all of that would be more than enough to totally stress me out too. Awesome to hear it all turned out great in the end. Bring on the agility!