Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week in Training

I never posted last week's training.  In short it was 7 1/2 hours total - 3 hours swim, 3 hours running, 1 1/2 hours biking on roads/dirt roads.   The reason for the shortfall was that Jonny and I dug up and seeded a 600 square foot portion of our yard.  It doesn't sound like much but even with a rented rototiller it was hard work and by the end of the day for the next few days both of us could barely move.  My hamstrings were sore to the touch for days.

I managed to get some decent training in over the weekend to make up for a week with no double workouts.  Would have been good to get some biking in during the week but today's 3+ hour ride on trails marks the farthest I've gone time-wise on the mountain bike in years.  Plus all the crazy during the week - it's hardest to get out on the bike when I'm pressed for time.

Yesterday's run also went well though with such fresh legs it had better have.  No ill effects from the hill sprints on Wednesday so I'm going to try to continue to go to that workout for the next month I have of bootcamp classes.  Never made it to the strength class on Thurs. due to that being my day of Crazy so I'll go tomorrow though tomorrow is shaping up to be busy as well.

Swimming went great this week except for Monday where I got stuck behind slower people.  I led the lane on Tues. and Fri. so I was able to push the pace and not get a break from drafting or held up behind other people.  Some guy did smack into me though, was doing backstroke and ended up in my lane.  This guy already has terrible swim etiquette, leaves 2 seconds off my feet, stops and stands on the side of the wall that you need clear for turns.  I so wish I could get in the next lane up but I'm not quite there yet and probably won't be in the next few weeks before we finally get outside in mid-May.

Such a beautiful ride today on the Blue Sky trail and then the race loop at Lory State Park.  I felt a lot more comfortable on the downhills then I did when we rode these trails a few weeks ago.  Nice and loose and relaxed.  I initially had a refusal at the one sort of, kind of technical switchback/drop off but  then I tried again and did it easy peasy.  Climbs seemed easier today too.  Training must being paying off a little.

More sunny blue skies at Lory State Park

I can't believe how green everything is considering the scant amount of moisture we've had in the past 2 months.  Can't even remember the last time it rained.

A small front did eventually blow in but all it did was provide some nice cool cloud cover, no rain.

You know it's a good day when your legs end up this dirty.


Swim: 6,850 yards/3 hours

Mountain Bike: 24.34 miles/3 hours, 11 mins.

Run: 9.7 miles/2 hours, 52 mins.

Total Training Hours: 9 hours, 3 mins.

I have an ASCA agility trial next weekend but just 3 runs/half a day so it shouldn't effect training too much.  Had a couple of agility practices this past week.  Shot some video but haven't had a chance to review it.  I'll see if I get it done this week.

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  1. All that beautiful scenery and then--yow! Nice calf muscles, though.