Sunday, April 01, 2012

On the Road to Jamestown

I know, these pictures are getting downright repetitive.  Sunshine, blue skies, shorts weather.

I'm so tired from the past 3 weeks of playing in the sun but I couldn't resist getting out for yet another day so I dusted off the road bike for a ride up Left Hand and James Canyons.

It's a nice steady climb with a few steep bits but nothing too quad busting.  In all it was about 28 miles taking the longer, flatter route to the start of Left Hand Canyon rather than Olde Stage which is a knee and quad busting 17% grade in some places.  I was about in tears at the thought of that so I took the easier Old Lady Knees route but still had a decent climb up the canyons to Jamestown.

You can see fire damage in the upper right corner from a fire they had a year or two ago.

Hippies and Roadies and Subarus, oh my.

I didn't go in the cafe but I've heard rumor that they have good stuffs.  Maybe next time.

Instead I had my melted into a pile of mush because it's eighty fricken degrees outside energy bar down by the creek.

Supposed to be colder with some rain the next 2 days and I'm sort of looking forward to it.  I'm exhausted and could use some rest never mind the dire need for moisture in general.


  1. Send us all your warm weather. I won't complain :)

  2. Have been hearing about your fire. Dang wildfires--seems to go hand in hand with gorgeous western scenery. Hope it's out soon.

    (Weird, just tried to exit Netscape and it says that I didn't save this post. Thought I did a few days ago. Oh, well, better late than never)

  3. We finally got some rain and snow on Mon. & Tues. so I'm guessing the fire is out or at least contained. Lots of warm, dry windy weather coming up though and a red flag warning for tomorrow so hopefully no new ones crop up.