Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swim Progress

Great workout today at regular masters.  I led the lane so none of those times were drafting.  The 300 and 200's were on a 1:40 pace and the 100's and 75's on a 1:36!  So excited with those times.  My winter swimming goal was to get my pace under 1:40 for 100 yard intervals and I did it.  This was a stretch goal too.  Now to get it to transfer to the open water next month.

I think the drills this winter have more than paid off.  Yesterday's drill workout was low yardage and somewhat frustrating to be honest but it turns out I had picked up some new skills that I was trying out today and I could feel the benefits.


350 yards choice

Repeat the following 4 times, 4th person rest
25 yards right arm only
25 yards left arm only
25 yards catch-up drill
25 yards free

200 yards kick (once)

Main Set

300 yards on 6 mins. (did it in 5:00)
50 yards on 1:30
2x200 yards on 4 mins. (did them in 3:19, 3:21)
50 yards on 1:30
3x100 on 2:00 (did all three on 1:36)
50 on 1:30
4x75 on 1:30 (did them in 1:12, 1:12, 1:12, 1:13)
50 on 1:30


Repeat twice, 3rd person rest

25 butterfly
25 back
25 back

I realize I'm due a week in training post but it'll have to wait, I'm swamped with other things. but I wanted to post this workout while it was fresh in my mind, mostly for myself so I can track my swim progress but maybe some swimmers out there are looking for workout ideas.  This one was fun.

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