Monday, March 12, 2012

Week in Training

This week was light for triathlon training due to a weekend trial and also the need for recovery after 3 long workouts on my feet in a row.  I was aiming for 5-6 hours and came in on schedule.  If I'd scheduled things differently I could have had an extra swim practice but I'll spare you the boring logistics of why that didn't happen.  I also lost a day of training on Thursday due to trying to set up a wireless network at home.  Jonny has a non-tech savvy friend who claimed it was easy.  This is kind of like my friend who told me setting up my own website would be easy.  I knew better and told him he could set it up if it was so easy.  But in the end guess who ended up setting it up?  It's maybe easy if you know what you're doing and you don't have a cell tower gizmo thingy that you have to route things through.  I spent the day plugging and unplugging cable and booting and rebooting and calling Sprint and Comcast and getting disconnected a million times because every time I unplugged the cell phone gizmo I got disconnected.  Super fun day in clueless tech lady land let me tell you.   In the end I got it set up using my two favorite techno skills - clicking on things until it works and unplugging and plugging back in until it works.  Unfortunately I was too mentally drained and aggravated to fit in a long run on Thursday and figured it would be better to save my legs for the trial anyway.

Some biking trails are finally dried out so the goal for the next few weeks is to add in some more trails/hills to my biking and some speed drills and hills to my running.  Running is going well volume wise, I ran 7 miles yesterday which is the farthest I've been in years and no knee pain.  But I'm so painfully slow still.  Last year I was still recovering from a hamstring strain and was doing a walk/run combo so I'm way ahead of where I was but I still have a ways to go before my running is competitive again.  I'm going to try some speedwork and drills from the free training program that came with one of my Xterra entries last year.  I couldn't do those running drills back then or any speedwork so I'm going to start easing them in now and we'll see if they help.  Maybe some shorter fartlek runs too and some hill intervals.  I'm excited to try it anyway. 

I did end up entering the Xterra Mountain Championships in Beaver Creek and it's a longer, more challenging race than my other races.  Initially I didn't like the thought of the pressure of it and thought I'd wait and see what kind of shape I'm in closer to the race date.  But I'm glad I entered it early because aside from saving $20 I also now have a whole new level of urgency and motivation.  I'm going to need to get some good training in between now and July if I even want to finish the darn thing in one piece.

Swim:  2500 yards/1 hour

Mountain bike (on dirt roads and trails): 24.89 miles/2 hours, 38 mins.

Run:  7.02 miles/1 hours, 43 mins.

Total training time: 5 hours, 21 mins.

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