Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hall Ranch

Three days on the trails in one week, and in March no less!  Somebody pinch me.

Another gorgeous blue sky Colorado day, this time at Hall Ranch.  Today was like that day in the fall when all the squirrels suddenly go crazy running around gathering their nuts or doing whatever they do except with cyclists instead of squirrels.  The road to Lyons is a popular cycling route and today it was solid with big packs of roadies as well as regular folk riding in smaller groups.  And Hall Ranch?  I've never seen it so busy.  Everybody and their granny and their granny's granny was at Hall Ranch.  Still, was so nice to be back on the trails.

When I stopped to take a photo a hiker stopped to chat with me and he said of the 45 cyclists that passed him (he was counting), 42 had said hi or thank you for stepping off the trail or acknowledged him in some way.  I was happy for that, trail access is a big issue for cyclists and to have positive feedback from a hiker on such a busy day was a very good thing.  Now if only the dog people would learn some manners maybe we would be allowed at Hall Ranch.  Or at least not get banned from any more trails.  But I'm in too good of a mood to start ranting about that.

I'm sure summer, or at least spring, is here to stay.


  1. At least in recent years, I've had nothing but polite encounters with trail bikers. And we always try to get out of their way, although on some trails that's hard to do, especially when off leash. Still, everyone has always been nice. Only some nondog hikers who think that dogs shouldn't ever be off leash. But I guess I shouldn't rant about that, either. :-)

  2. Unfortunately off leash dogs have the most complaints of all trail users in Boulder and that fits with my own anecdotal experience as well. I've had so many bad experiences myself including Strummer getting bitten by a charging German Shepherd while he was on leash by my side minding his own business. And the owner didn't turn around and take his dog home even though he was at the start of the hike, he just kept right on walking on a very busy trail on a very busy Saturday. In fact pretty much every time I take the dogs out anywhere I'll have some kind of stupid dog encounter. This morning I got run off the sidewalk by a lunging Aussie and I was only out for 30 minutes or so.

    I had no problems with dogs on my ride at Hall because, well, they're banned from all of Hall, even the hiker only trails. I'm pretty sure it was a condition of the sale of the open space land. This is the trend more and more, when new open space is acquired dogs are banned or have limited access and on leash only. And sadly I understand why.