Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week in Training

Not sure how it's Wednesday already and I forgot to post my training for last week.  Was such a good week though, better late than never.  The high volume, especially of biking, was due to a solid week of sunny weather mostly in the 70's.  I need to be putting in that kind of time/mileage on the bike all the time.  Got in some good solid running too.  My knee was feeling off for Thursday's run so I only went swimming on Friday and it felt fine for Saturday's ride with lots of climbing at Hall Ranch and Sunday's run with lots of climbing up the Hogback.  Knee is complaining a little this week so I'll step back a bit especially from the running.

So happy to get nearly 11 hours of training in though, especially so early in the season.  However I got a bit of a reality check riding at Hall Ranch.  Had to stop numerous times to catch my breath up the steep climb at the start.  The plan is for lots more climbing on both the bike and run for the next few weeks.

No agility training for Strum this week.  I planned to go out on Friday morning but it was already too hot before the field even opened.  No point driving out there and paying the drop-in fee for just a few minutes of practice before Strum started overheating.

I'm thinking about doing a cross country mountain bike race down in Pueblo next month but we'll see.  There are all different distances and I'd do either 12 or 23 miles.  Not sure it's something I want to spend the money on.  We'll see how crazy gas prices get next month.  I'm also not thrilled at the idea of driving 2 1/4 hours to ride in Pueblo.  The trails are supposed to be nice but such a long way to drive when there are nicer trails that are closer.  I've only ever done one cross country mountain bike race and I didn't care for it but I've got a lot more biking under my belt now so it might be a different experience.

Swim:  4800 yards/2 hours 13 mins.

Mountain bike:  42.5 miles, 5 hours 20 mins. (trails)

Run:  12.81 miles/3 hours, 18 mins.

Total training time: 10 hours, 51 mins.

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