Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dirty Bismark

The weather has been an embarrassment of riches this past week.  The odd 70 degree day in March is not unheard of but a full week of them?  Sunny, little to no wind, blue skies, shorts weather, dry trails, ahhh, life is good for biking, running, etc.  I braved the drive across town yesterday to hit up the Dirty Bismark.  I always feel so spoiled living here.

Marshall Mesa

High Plains Trail

The downside is that we had 3 brush fires yesterday, one of them in Superior which is on the edge of where I was riding.  The fire must have started after I'd been there because I never noticed it.

I'm going to have to squander a beautiful sunny 73 degree day tomorrow because I don't think my knee can handle any more after 5 days in a row of running and biking.  Was feeling a little gimpy today, not terrible but not pain free either so a rest day is in order whether I like it or not.  I'll still go swimming but no big bike or run.  Was hoping for a 10-11 hour training week but we'll see how the knee goes.  I'm at about 6 hours just now and maybe I'll go to masters a bit early and get some extra yardage in.

Still hemming and hawing about Regionals next month but leaning towards not going.  There's an ASCA trial in Denver that weekend, less than an hour from my house that's looking mighty tempting.  I could go for one day for 3 runs in the morning, spend $30, have a fun half day of agility and still be able to go for a long bike or run on Sunday.  If I'm super serious about USDAA Nationals I should probably go to Regionals for the practice in a distracting, higher stress environment plus they're having local GP & Steeplechase rounds so 2 chances to qualify in those but SO expensive and a 7 hour drive for something I don't really have my heart in.  And I'm only going to USDAA Nationals because it's so close, it's not like it was otherwise a goal.  But still would like to do well and be prepared and qualify in the other events.  Who knows when I'll ever have an opportunity to go to USDAA Nationals again in my own backyard?


  1. Must get boring, all that gorgeous scenery all the time. You obviously need to spend some time in, say, Kansas.

    I vote for yes nationals, no regionals. Regionals to me are just like a normal trial only with another ring. Of course, we do have pretty big trials usually, so maybe that's not a normal reaction.

  2. I'm for sure going to Nationals, how could I not? Especially now that I at least have a team Q, that was the one I really wanted and my teammates want to keep the team together so that will be really fun for me.

    Our local USDAA trials aren't normally that big, usually 1 ring though the last 2 have been crowded 2 ring trials with Nats. being in Denver. Anyway, Regionals is typically 3 rings and a lot busier than a normal trial so would be good practice for Nat's. Plus 2 more opportunities to Q in GP and Steeplechase plus the possibility of a bye to semi-finals. Those would be my reasons for going. But at the moment those reasons are feeling very thin. I have 5 more opportunities to Q at trials that are 2 hours away or less so I'm tempted to take my chances on those.

    Agility is frustrating in the sense that you can miss a Q so easily and you have so little time in the ring vs how much time you spend getting there and sitting around. Normally I don't mind if I've only driven 40 minutes but to drive 7 hours and spend a fortune and sit around all day to miss the Q's for a dogwalk contact or a knocked bar, well, it's not tempting.

  3. Never mind the up contact. I think Strummer got called on an up A-frame contact in Gamblers last weekend. My teammate missed a few A-frames because of the up as well. Imagine driving all that way and getting called for an up? Sheesh.

  4. Whoa...

    Ain't no scenery like that in my part of the world. All the damn trees spoil the view. Once again I will remind you of how insanely JEALOUS I am of you for getting to enjoy those spectacular vistas.