Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Training

Finally a good solid week of training in the thick of winter weather conditions no less.  Highlight was today's 1 1/2 hour run then 38 minute bike ride on dirt roads out near the Rez.  Was hoping for an hour recovery ride on the bike but it was 37 degrees with cloudy conditions and a wind chill that made it feel like 34.  I was fine except for my hands, didn't bring my warm gloves because I was too hot with them on yesterday's bike ride.  Yesterday was also 37 degrees but sunny, blue skies so it felt a lot warmer.  Anyway, my hands warmed up but I was riding too fast in order to keep warm and on top of it my knee started talking to me so I cut it short.  The long run was the important part of the day anyway and it went well, nice consistent pace, tired for the last 10-15 minutes or so so I picked a good distance.  Felt good to be running on smooth ground after slogging it out on the snow/mud/ice the still plagues the trails by my house.  Also felt good to get up into the double digits for running mileage.  The run is by far my weakest event right now and it only makes sense to give it priority especially with the weather being cold for biking.  Knee is holding up though hamstring is starting to nag a bit.  May have to give the dry needling another thought.

Yesterday's bike ride was also a good workout, did it mostly in one gear since the shifters for my rear cog set weren't working.  Forgot to spray them w/ de-greaser and discovered the problem a mile or so into the ride.  Couldn't  be bothered to go home to fix it and the rear cog set was stuck in the granny so I figured I'd be fine.  Did some high cadence drills and single leg drills on the downhill to make up for the light gear and still had shifting in my front ring for the few steep bits.  Nothing like a technical problem to shake up your workout.  Usually I won't bike outside when the temps. go below the mid-40's but I couldn't bear the thought of the trainer so I bundled up like the Michelin man and dealt with it.  So much happier riding outside, saw lots of hawks and livestock, grooved out in the sun yesterday, totally worth it.

Operation No-limpics is going well I think.  No solid limping all week.  I thought he looked a little off when he got off the couch once Friday night but hard to say.  He's a little worried now with me staring at him all the time when he gets up from resting so maybe it was me freaking him out.  Tomorrow I'll start him on short leash walks and build him up throughout the week then the following week I'll start him back on short runs w/ me if all looks well.  Hopefully by two weeks from now the snow in my yard will be gone so I can test him out on some jumps and weaves the week before his trial.

Swim:  6400 yards/3 hours

Mountain bike: 7.35 miles/38 mins.

Road bike:  14.28/1 hour, 2 mins.

Run:  14.25 miles/3 hours, 22 mins.

Total training time: 8 hours, 2 mins.

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