Friday, February 10, 2012

Drums Keep Pounding a Rhythm to the Brain

Been a long week for me and I needed a little Happy for my Friday.  Ah the innocence of the 70's, that is if you can put aside the grim reality behind the, 'In the Jackson 5 family everybody works' quote.  Still, Janet Jackson is a force to be reckoned with even at 8 years old.  Anyway this brought a smile to my face and hopefully will to yours as well (plus Carol Burnett looks a wee bit plastered which is always fun).

No limping from Strummer over the last 2 days then the fool dog went flying through the chest deep snow after a squirrel in the yard.  I thought the snow would be a sufficient speed bump for him but no such luck.  He seems fine but I think he'll need to go in the yard on leash which is super fun when you've got nearly 2' of snow in your yard.  Think I'll go watch Janet again and take some deep breaths.  Or perhaps have a little of whatever Carol's having.


  1. Wow, and Michael, already what awesome moves he had. Thanks for that fun interlude.

  2. Though Michael did have plenty of awesome moves at that age I believe the kid in this video is Randy. At least that's what Carol calls him though again she seems a few sheets to the wind.

  3. Maybe it's growing up in the 60's but I always thought the Jacksons were really depressing. They're just trying too hard and looking too styled.
    If I want to "get happy" I watch/listen to some Beatles. They sound so joyous--and who wouldn't considering the hallucinogens they're pobably on...

  4. Ah well, and except for a short, unfortunate period when I was 8-9 years old I loathed (loathe) the Beatles so there you go. To each their own I guess. I loved all the old Motown stuff as a kid and still do but not so much the hippy, druggy music of the 60's/70's.