Monday, February 06, 2012

Week in Training

Got in as much tri training as I could at the beginning of the week due to the dog agility seminar-o-rama and snowstorm that I knew were coming at the end of the week so not too bad for only 4 days of training.  Also I did some intervals on the bike then a short run right after for the first time since summer so that brought the time/mileage down for the bike this week.

I'll write more about the seminar later but for now I have more pressing real world things to deal with.  In short, it was great and we learned a lot.  I ended up doing 3 days instead of the planned 2 and at first I considered this lucky since I was able to get into my first choice session at the last minute but in the end it worked out for the worse since Strummer came up limping on his front leg on the afternoon of the last day.  I pulled him from the last half of the session as soon as I noticed him looking sore but later in the evening he was limping more obviously.  Today he seems fine, no limping at all, but I'll pull him from the DOCNA trial this weekend and get him in to see an orthopedist this week.  Normally these days I'd rest him for 4-5 days then gradually bring him back to activity but he's on a team for USDAA in mid-March and if the injury is serious I need to know right now so my team mates can make other plans.  He has 5 weeks to recover and build back up and I'd feel better if I had an expert opinion on whether or not that's feasible.  Ugh, I hate dog injury drama, didn't sleep so well last night.  Keeping this dog quiet is not going to be easy.  Jumping off furniture and charging around the house from room to room is his normal, he never calmly walks anywhere.

Boulder supposedly got 21" of snow but somehow it doesn't seem that much.  I'm going to try to get to North Boulder Park in the next couple of days for some cross country skiing before it melts too much.

Swim:  6700 yards/3 hours

Mountain bike:  6.6 miles/51 mins. (intervals up Linden on mountain bike, 4 x 5 mins. at 138-148
                           bpm/AT zone then 12 min. run afterwards at 119-129 bpm)

Run:  7.31 miles/1 hours, 48 mins.

Total training time: 5 hours, 39 mins.


  1. Poor Strummer! I hope he bounces back quick. Puck scared the hell out of us jumping off a ledge at the beach yesterday and then limping for the next few minutes. Eeeeek!

  2. Poor Puck as well. I hope he's o.k.

  3. Ugh, dog injuries, rest. Its all a bummer. I hope Strummer is ok.

  4. Oh, no, I'm so sorry, and I do hope whatever's wrong doesn't involve much time or money. How can big goofy dogs run like crazy all over huge rocky fields and bounce off the furniture and crash headfirst into tunnels (deliberately) and then hurt a toe in a controlled situation on a nice surface? Dang.