Wednesday, February 08, 2012

No News is Good News

I guess.  Took Strum up to Loveland today to see an orthopedic vet.  As of last night he was still limping for a few steps after getting up from resting.  I left Strum in the car and had the vet come out to see him get out of the car since I was sure he'd limp after lying in his crate for the 53 minute drive up there but of course no limp, just a waggy tail/butt for the vet and her tech.  And she couldn't find anything wrong with him which I hope means there really is nothing wrong and not just that she couldn't find what was wrong.  She was a nice woman and handled Strummer well considering he was so nervous he was shaking but it seemed an awfully short exam compared to others I remember with the other dogs so I hope it was thorough enough.  I've never had an orthopedic vet not find something wrong.  The only other orthopedic vets I can find are down in Colorado Springs and that's at least a 1 1/2 hour drive, probably longer depending where in the Springs and what the often horrible traffic is like.  The vet that did Cody's shoulder surgery lo the many years ago is down there and I'd see him again in a heartbeat but such a long drive.  There is an orthopedic vet in Longmont just 25 minutes away but don't even get me started on that guy.  No way I'd go back to him.

So for now we trust the diagnosis.  Treatment is simple, 2 weeks of rest then ease back to activities.  He should be fine for the March trial though I'm going to pull him out of all titling runs and only do the tournaments and only 2 days rather than the 3 that are offered.  If he's still limping by the start of next week I'll plan on pulling from the March trial and let my teammates know.  Should still be plenty of time for them to find a replacement but after today's diagnosis I'm feeling very confident that he'll be fine.

Now to figure out how to keep him from tearing around the house for 2 weeks short of crating him.

Lola had a good laugh at that notion.

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  1. I tell ya, that black and white face look gets me every time! Bummer that the orth. didn't find anything--or maybe it's OK. Doesn't actually surprise me that sometimes they find nothing. My human vet sometimes doesn't have a clue what's going on when I'm sore and can't pinpoint it myself. Good luck with the 2 weeks of rest. I, also, laugh.