Friday, February 24, 2012

Monkey Dogs

I had a little bit of excitement in the kitchen this afternoon and while I was distracted with the flames, Strummer took the opportunity to steal half a banana off the counter.  He looked pretty hilarious eating the thing and jealousy guarding it from Lola but of course by the time I got the camera out he was done with it.

Enter the second opportunist, who decided banana skins are edible.

I've left bananas on the counter for years, guess I'll have to start hiding those as well.  Or stop setting fires in the kitchen.  I'd been doing so well too.  I need one of those signs, 'X' days accident free.

Mother Nature was pissed off the last few days.  90 mile an hour winds caused 4 broken power poles in my neighborhood, several semi's turned over on the roads, 2 wildfires and, I kid you not, a Chihuahua with a broken leg caused from flying 10 feet through the air and smacking into a tree.  Poor thing was on the news sporting her shiny new purple cast.  I lost power for about 2 hours then soon after I got power back the internet/cable went kaput for about 17 hours which I don't understand because aren't those cables buried?  Then when the winds finally died down during the night it started snowing of all things and I woke up to an inch or so in my yard.  But the sun is finally back today and it looks to be a nice weekend.  Hopefully Mother Nature got it all out of her system for a while and I can get out on my bike.


  1. Did you see the video from the news with the kids getting literally blown off their feet into the street? No wind damage here fortunately. Guess your newly repaired fence got a good test!

  2. I did see the kids getting blown over and I was laughing so hard. So naughty of me but it looked so funny and they were o.k.

    My new fence is solid but I've got another post on the old fence that's loose in its pier and unfortunately it's next to the house so not such an easy fix if it goes but so far it's still standing, just a little shaky. I actually think it's ability to move a little saved it from breaking outright.

    Glad your place is o.k., Boulder County took a good hit.

  3. "I had a little bit of excitement in the kitchen this afternoon and while I was distracted with the flames." Hysterical--ya got me! I'm sure it wasn't too funny at the time. Someday you'll have to write a book about your adventures in the kitchen.

    Winds that break power poles are pretty danged amazing. Glad that all you lost was a little power and a day of internet.