Monday, June 06, 2011

Week in Training

No running allowed again this week but after Friday's ultrasound treatment I couldn't believe how good the hamstring felt.  Hardly any pain at all.  I get to start running next week.

Swimming was a disaster this week.  I tried to go to one of the outdoor pools for a masters workout on Tuesday but as I was changing a woman came out of the pool and into the locker room and she was so cold, listening to her shiver was making me cold.  She told me the pool was freezing and she'd had to get out after 1900 yards.  As she's a big tough triathlete, not whiny like me.  I don't like the 50 meter pool anyway, it never gets deeper than about 5' and it tapers to 3' on both ends so there's terrible drag for 50 delightful meters.  I got dressed and bugged out of there before the coach could spot me.  Then there was the ice bath on Thursday at the Rez.  I finally got a desperation indoor workout in on Friday.

Had a moment of insanity on Thursday and decided to dust off the road bike.  Why I thought a road ride would be a good idea, never mind in the baking mid-day heat and 23 mph wind, I don't know.  Picked out a 30 mile loop that took me out to an agility friend's store/cafe at the halfway point and stopped for a chat.  The ride out was almost fun, 50 minutes, 17 mph average speed.  The ride back home into the headwind and up all the zillions of hills not so much.  I was having serious words with whatever deranged part of my brain came up with this lark.  After the dust had cleared and I'd had a nice shower and washed away the unpleasantness of the noise and wind and hills and traffic I realized that one, I'd probably come up with the idea so that I could prove to myself how much I hate road riding so I wouldn't feel like I'm missing something this summer when I never pull the road bike out again and two, maybe a 45-60 minute road ride is fun and if I do have another funny turn and decide to hit the road I'll be sure to cut the loop by half.  The Xterra training program does have some road riding but it looks like most of the rides are an hour so and they include drills that will be good for me and would be hard to do on the mountain bike so I may yet pull the road bike out again this summer.  But for my longer endurance rides it's singletrack all the way baby.

Swim:  2600 yards/1 hour, 6 mins.

Mountain bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 13 minutes

Road bike:  30.87/2 hours, 16 minutes

Run:  None

Total training time: 5 hours, 35 mins.

118.4 lbs on Friday (-.6 lbs)


  1. Well, all I can really say is that I dislike the wind. LOL. Good job on the workouts. :)

  2. Wind is the WORST, especially out on the plains on a road bike. On a hot day, baking in the sun. I don't what I was thinking.