Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week in Training

Kind of a disastrous training week.  I had some kind of stomach bug on Weds. and Thurs. and there was no way any training was going to happen.  I was sad to miss Thursday's Rez swim and I briefly considered giving it a go but in the end I decided that being in the middle of a lake in a wetsuit and having an attack of G.I. distress was not a good plan for anybody.  Then there was an agility trial on Sunday so I lost 3 days of training.  I suppose 6 hours isn't bad for 4 days but still.

Swimming is motoring along.  I wish I could figure out how to be faster in the open water.  I've been experimenting with breathing patterns, ie 4 breathes to my good side then 2 to my bad, etc.  My conclusion so far is that the alternate breathing feels faster but even with breathing several times to one side I'm still more out of breath but even worse is that breathing to my off side causes me to swim way off course because I'm still so uncoordinated on that side.  I'm going to keep practicing it though.  I'm determined to be able to learn to breathe on both sides.  But I'm not going to do it in races until I'm competent at it in practice.

Not much biking this week and I was still guarding the hamstring on the ride I did do.  Running continues to get better.  Hamstring still a little sore but continues to improve.

Swim:  6400 yards/2 hour, 45 mins.

Mountain bike:  10 miles/2 hours

Run:  5.0 miles/1 hour, 13 mins. (4 min. run/1 min. walk)

Total training time: 5 hours, 58 mins.


  1. Elayne, a little offtopic, but here is where you can find Strumm's runs I had from this weekend:

  2. Thanks so much!!! It's awesome. So happy to get a copy of Strummer's craziness.

  3. Glad we got it on tape. What a goofy boy!