Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week in Training

Finally getting those numbers up a bit.  Was hoping for another 30-50 mins. on the bike which would have pushed total training time into the 9 hour range but Sunday's ride had us back at the car a bit too soon and I was afraid of the scary ride Jonny might cobble together to make things longer so I  said it was probably enough.  Was also having a frustrating time with my technical skills and didn't feel like dragging that out any more.

Running is what it is at the moment.  It is feeling better/faster with each workout so that's something.  I should be at 40 minute runs by the end of this week.  Hamstring feels a lot better, not 100% but getting there.  Piriformis isn't bothering me at all, weird.

Was blow drying my hair this morning while wearing a sleeveless shirt and got a bit of shock at the state of my arms while lifting the blow dryer above my head.  A fair bit of muscle has built up on them somehow without me noticing and it's not an altogether attractive look.  It's not a nice toned, lean muscle-y look, it's more a meaty man arm look.  Not too sure what to do about that.  I suppose I could start lifting weights or doing more toning type of exercises/yoga type stuff but OMG shoot me now.  It's summer and I'm not going to spend it inside a stuffy stinky weight room.  On the plus side if you need a spaghetti jar opened I'm your girl.  Somehow though I still can't lift a tunnel bag.

Swim:  6300 yards/2 hour, 46 mins.

Mountain bike:  23.5 miles/4 hours, 8 minutes

Run:  5.9 miles/1 hour, 32 mins. (4 min. run/1 min. walk)

Total training time: 8 hours, 26 mins.

119.0 lbs (+.8 lbs.)


  1. I think maybe it just takes time with the swimming for the arms to even out? I felt like I just had bulk with no tone last year and for some reason this year they seem to be better defined. Or maybe it's all those damn vegetables I'm eating this year. In any event, nice job on the week!! Glad your hamstring is improving.

  2. I eat loads of veggies, I don't think I can hope for them to help me. I'm going to believe that you're right and with a bit more swimming I'll look more like Michelle Obama and less like Popeye. Hmmm, maybe it is the spinach after all.