Friday, March 21, 2008

This is not a drill

The bomb threat was for real. A former patient of Boulder Community Hospital showed up in a wheelchair that he didn't really need and claimed he had a bomb hooked up to his oxygen tank. After a 5 hour stand-off with cops/swat team/bomb squad etc. he was shot in the chest because he allegedly made a move for the front door that was interpreted as threatening. Frankly I think the cops got fed up and were looking for the slightest excuse. He was shot in the chest and died in the hospital the next day. They claim they don't know what his motives were and that just makes me laugh because anybody who's ever been a patient at Boulder Communtiy Hospital knows exactly what his motives were. Plus after watching 'Sicko' last night I can understand how maybe people going through the health care system can be angry and frustrated. Plus he had a long criminal history. Plus he was possibly a little crazy. Anyway, the bomb squad determined his bomb was not a bomb at all and blew it up, whatever it was. The lesson for the day is that Boulder Community Hospital and the health insurance companies suck but there are possibly better ways of airing your grievances though I suppose we can't all make movies like Michael Moore.

On an almost completely unrelated note I'm ready to move to Norway after watching an 'extra' on the Sicko DVD. The murderers in prison in Norway have a better life than many Americans. Plus all the free health care they can shake a stick at.

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