Monday, March 24, 2008

Fed Up

The dogs are getting fed up and so am I. Jonny's doing his best to exercise them and we've got a dogwalker coming in but these are high energy athlete dogs and they need to run. I'm fed up as well, I'm not a lay around on the couch for weeks on end kind of person. I was feeling seriously sorry for myself on Sunday and then I got a call from a close relative who's got some serious health issues and is facing at least one major surgery. I promptly stopped my whining.

There is one advantage to being laid up and that's all the goodies people have been sending me. My friend in Chicago sent a big tin of amazing home baked chocolate chip cookies. My mom sent some truly orgasmic chocolate, probably hand made by somebody she knows. Today a package arrived from Scotland from Jonny's mom-a variety of chocolatey wonderfulness from the local bakery. Teacakes, snowballs, chocolate wafer bars, it's a wonder I can still fit in my swimsuit. Good thing I finally got the turntable thing sorted out (took me several hours of unbelievable hassle today but I'll spare you all the gory details) so I can keep up with my sit-ups. Of course now that I've got the turntable working I can't find my Prince record. It got lost somewhere in the shuffle of disassembling the stereo components way more times than I'd like to discuss.

BTW, here's a tip for those who shop online. Maybe this is obvious to everyone but me but I'll put it out there anyway. I found out that some manufacturer's (in my case Denon) will not honor their warranties if you buy from an unauthorized dealer. Denon requires a minimum price be charged by their dealers so you can't get a deal on their stuff on the internet unless you're willing to live without a warranty. I'm sure there must be other companies out there that do this so be careful of that bargain when ordering online. The online companies that were offering heavily discounted Denon products were not up front about the lack of a warranty either. The only reason I figured this out is that I did some research into the companies before ordering because it seemed fishy that they were so much cheaper than the majority of places and I found some consumer complaints.

Tomorrow ends my life of leisure as I'm going to try to go back to work, at least for half the day. Jonny snapped a rare photo of me over the weekend. It's not that I have a hang up about my picture getting taken, it's just that I'm usually the one with the camera. Plus I'm terrible at pictures. Ask me to smile pretty for the camera and I'll give you a big fakey unphotogenic toothy grin. Oh well. Strummy's cuteness makes up for it.


  1. That's one big foot wrap! I hate sitting around, too. Even reading good books gets tiring after 3 or 4 in a row. Not to mention, as you say, the dogs become giant pestering monsters.

    Thanks for the tip about warranties. Interesting.


  2. Roxanne8:39 AM

    I'm glad you solved your turntable issue, but I'm sad your return to work means there will be less time to think about things and amuse us with your rants.

    Strummy is clearly trying to be very patient with the change in routine. What a cuddle-bug!

    The warranty thing *is* interesting. I'd also heard that some of the other kinds of cheap products (like skincare, etc) are often close to or past their expiration date, so that's another thing to watch for.

    Good luck with your first half-day. Don't let yourself get too tired. You're still growing bone.

  3. i have too many assignment to keep me occupied, while my dog just laying there sleeping and don't even inch when i occasionally call her... i wonder is she feeling fed up with me too...

    luckily she's not destructive when bored....she juz sleep like a pig...

  4. Sure can't blame you for feeling fed up!

    I once had my jaws wired shut for two weeks and could only "eat" through a straw. I'm sorry to say I lost it by Day 3. But, then on Day 4 a tremendous discovery was made: I was able to squish rice through the gaps. Unable to chew I had to swallow the grains whole but really, I don't think anything has ever tasted as good as those first swallows of soy sauce flavoured rice.

    May your soy sauce rice find you soon if it hasn't already.

  5. I've never had my jaws wired shut but I did have some dental work done that forced me to only have liquids and yogurt for 3 weeks. Anything else was so painful to eat that it wasn't worth it. When I could finally eat I had a big plate of pancakes and I'll never forget how good those tasted.