Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gratuitous Dog Photos

I'm one of those geeks that thinks their own dogs are endlessly cute and entertaining and since I've got nothing better to do I spent the past couple of days messing about with my new camera. I've still got just the kit lens that it came with which is supposed to be pretty crappy but what do I know from crappy, it works a million times better than my old point and shoot and I'm not in the mood right now to spend a zillion dollars on some fancy lens so it'll do. The pictures aren't amazing or anything, lens aside I'm trapped on the lounger and stuck with the bad lighting and shadows on my deck plus like I know what I'm doing but it was fun anyway and here are some of my favorites.




Strummer needs some pants in that last shot. The size & prominence of that dog's genitalia is ridiculous. If there was such a thing as doggie porn stars I could retire on his earnings.


  1. i face some hard time taking pic of my black dog too...

    she's so black...either overcast or undercast...

  2. Black dogs are probably the hardest to photograph but I'd say you do a very nice job of it.

  3. the pics are great! poor strummer, he's probably so embarrased now! ;o)

  4. Embarrassed? What boy is ever embarrassed by such a thing? The way he struts around I swear sometimes I think he's showing off.

  5. Well, the nether regions might not be something that you want to display regularly, but the face part of that shot is wonderful. Of course your dogs are endlessly cute! All my friends' dogs are! I pick only people with the most endlessly cute dogs!