Sunday, March 02, 2008

More New Links

I've added a few more blog links to my list. First off, Team Small Dog-'Small, Fast, Kick Yer Ass', need I say more? Who doesn't love small dogs? I'm still not sure how I don't have any. Lots of other fun stuff too like recaps of 'Project Runway', agility fashion tips and info. about Marfa, Texas. Just make sure you're not drinking while you read it, the spew factor is pretty high. Then there's Muppet Dogs. I was crated next to this woman and her lovely Beardies at USDAA Nationals this year. Who doesn't love Beardies? She's also a fellow triathlete/marathoner. Who doesn't love triathletes? O.k., maybe not as loveable as Beardies but still. Also we have Pacco de Mongrel, a gorgeous mixed breed dog from Malaysia who's very busy with agility, flyball and a full social life. Finally there's Wishy the Writer-agility, children/parenting, food, and much more, plus she's a real life writer so there will no bad grammar and creative spelling like you find here. Phew, that's all for now.


  1. Thanks for the Team Small Dog link!

    Seriously, small dogs are cool. I've still got my fingers crossed tight hoping that Pinky doesn't exceed 16" so she can officially be a small dog (she's at 15" right now ... it's looking dicey). But even if she goes over, she'll be smallish, and I think she'll be fast and kick ass!

    I realluy wish more small dog people would do USDAA in my area.

  2. One of these days I'll get a small dog. Lola was s'posed to be my small dog but she's 23", 52 lbs so that didn't quite work out. I wasn't even s'posed to have Strummer. My husband is so ready to trade in the whole gang for wee dogs. No no, he's kidding, really.

    The 12" Champ. class and 8" & 12" Perf. classes are practically non-existent in my area. There's a woman in 12" Perf. with an awesome Boston Terrier, makes the final rounds and places at USDAA Nationals, and twice now she's been shut out of Super Q's even though she's had the highest Snooker score of all dogs, all heights, Champ & Perf, because there were no other 8" or 12" Perf. dogs.

  3. I've been chatting up people for probably the last 2 years about the dearth of 12" dogs in this area, too, and we have a LOT of agility dogs around in these here parts. The problem is that there aren't a lot of dogs that are small enough to make the 12" cut that I'd want to take home. I think it'd have to be mixed breeds. Small Fast Kick Yer Ass dogs are really wonderfully cute and I'd take any of them. But in case any of them go missing, I wasn't there that day and I didn't see anything.


  4. Thanks for the link! --btw, I thought I commented last night, but it never showed up so... pilot error. Oops. I'm posting a comment again! Hope you don't get two from me.



  5. You can take a whole lot of small dogs and just stickem all in one crate and they can all fit in a Motel 6 bed at the same time AND when the border collies all eat one dog toy into 3 pieces, voila, 3 small dog toys. It is a also useful way to get around husbands that want NO MORE DOGS when they are very, very small.

    We are glad we give you a spew factor, I hope that is due to laughing at our foibles and we actually do not cause barfing?

  6. Yes laughing, not barfing.

    Small dogs would definitely be more practical for us what with our small house and small yard and not a lot of spare time but somehow we ended up with a house full of oversized border collies and mixes thereof. I think it's because the wee dogs get snatched up out of rescue around here so much faster than the big dogs. The local shelter charges 2-4 times the amount for a small dog as they do for a big one because they go so fast. Only a crazy person wants a horse of a dog with high exercise/entertainment needs.