Saturday, March 29, 2008

Crazy Dog Lady Outfit #3087

I finally felt confident enough with my foot to take the dogs out for a romp at the Rez. Jonny came with of course so it wasn't just me with the 3 crazies. This Crazy Dog Lady outfit isn't too bad compared to some that I've come up with. It's the dorky red puffy vest that's too big for me that's the cornerstone of this ensemble plus there's the mismatched shoes (a bright blue butt ugly Keen sandal on one foot, black surgical shoe on the other) that you can't see. Everything else isn't too bad, trust me it gets a lot worse. I got the vest on sale and despite being red and too big for me it's very toasty and incredibly light weight. Normally GoLite stuff is very expensive super lightweight technical wear but I got it for a song at their semiannual warehouse sale. This is the trouble with most of my wardrobe, bought on sale or gifts that I would never in a million years buy for myself.

The dogs had a great time running on the beach though I didn't want to walk all the way down to the water so no swimming today. Strummy's recall has vaporized so Jonny & I decided to go a distance apart from each other and recall the dogs back and forth between us. I only had kibble on me for rewards but the dogs love to run and race each other so the game itself was plenty rewarding though tomorrow we're going to do it again and I'll bring better treats.

Lola hamming it up:
Cody Baloney:
The doctor has moved me from the crazy thick soled surgical shoe to a more normal height surgical shoe and I'm finally able to start walking sorta kinda like a normal person. I can't go very fast or very far and I may have overdone it a bit on Tues./Weds. when I went back to work but I think I'm starting to work out how much I can handle and it feels good to be able to move about a bit. Next week I'm allowed to move out of the surgical shoe into a stiff soled regular shoe (ie, my dorky Dansko clogs) and take a walk around the block with a dog.

The x-rays on Weds. looked good and the doctor is still confident that I'll be able to handle the trials in May so I sent in my entry for one and got a hotel reservation for the other. The first trial is May 10-11 and I only entered 3 classes on Sat. and 2 on Sun. I didn't enter pairs just in case I felt like I needed to scratch. I decided to give Speed Jumping and Jumpers a miss for both trials. Speed Jumping is the most strenuous event for the dogs and both dogs have their Jumpers titles plus it's last event of the trial so I decided I'd skip it and hit the road early. There's a DOCNA trial the next weekend but sadly I think I'll skip it. Maybe I'll decide to go for just one day but trialling 3 weeks in a row is exhausting enough (never mind the $$$) when I'm 100%, I don't think it's a great idea just now. Plus the club uses a slatless dogwalk which means Cody can't go and it's a nearly 2 hour drive. Maybe next year if they do it again.

I'm allowed to go on the bike trainer but I'm afraid it will hurt too much right now plus I hate the trainer so I'm sticking with swimming and weight lifting for at least another week. Gonna try to go to masters on Monday, I'm sick of swimming on my own and I think I'm finally up for it. I'm up to 2200 yards but I can't put in that kind of yardage every day so I'm going every other day or cutting down on yardage if I go 2 days in a row. The chlorine & other pool chemicals were driving me crazy every single day. Supposedly it takes 24 hours for them to leave your system so if you swim every day your body never gets a break. I can't wait for the Rez to open in May, no more horrible chlorine. In the meantime I suppose I better get my ass off the couch and get to the pool before I drift off to sleep.


  1. Um...this is sort of weird but I wore THE SAME OUTFIT at WORK today. My sunglasses and shoes were different. And my 3 matching dogs are way shorter than yours. I thought I was disguised as horse lady when I was at work at least. My cover is surely blown now.

  2. What is it about animal hair, poop and slobber that makes us want to wear red puffy vests? Surely there is a study in there somewhere.