Monday, March 17, 2008

Code Black, Broadway

Sitting in the waiting room at PT, part 2, and a stern, serious sounding voice comes over the loudspeaker 'Code Black, Broadway' over and over and over. It sounds creepy and all I can think is that there must have been some terrible accident somewhere with lots of people hurt and they're recruiting medical staff from Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to go to Boulder Community Hospital on Broadway to help with the mess. My therapist calls me in, starts working on my foot and again over the loudspeaker, 'Code Black, Broadway'. I say that can't be anything good and she tells me it's a bomb threat. She says it could be a drill but it creeps her out every time she hears it.

After a considerable bit of pain I'm on my to the pool with a much more flexible foot and as I pass the roads leading to the hospital I see yellow tape blocking off all the roads and big black vans and riot squads and cops cops and more cops. And I hightail it out of there because I don't want to be around if something goes 'boom'. Then I start wondering just how far away I have to be to be safe? Obviously it depends on the type of explosives but hmmm I wonder. The pool is maybe not even 1/2 a mile away and my house is maybe 2 1/4-2 1/2 miles away. I decide to live on the edge and risk having a swim. I'm happy to report that nothing went boom and the swim was fabulous, I'm up to 1400 yards/30 minutes (800 yards swimming, 600 yards pulling). It's frustrating getting out of the water after such a short workout but I'm trying to be good and increase gradually.


  1. Roxanne6:29 PM

    I just heard a bit about the bomb scare on the news. Yikes!

    I'm glad you got your workout in. Those distances/times sound good to me. The slowest swimmer on the planet. ;o)

  2. When I was getting physical therapy last year, a code like that kept getting repeated (don't recall what it was, now) and I asked about it. It was a missing child/lockdown alert. She said that so far it's always just been a child that wandered off and is then found, but they don't want to take any chances and supposedly monitor all the exits until the alert clears. And the rest of us go about our business.

    But nothing about to blow up.


  3. I do PT for my wrist at a big hospital and last week they were going on about a Code Yellow over the PA. I asked my therapist and he looked casually at the cheat sheet on the back of his ID and said nonchalantly, "Bomb threat. It's probably a drill."

    And btw, even 12 weeks post-injury my PT is still VERY painful. Getting the range of motion back is hard work.

  4. Keep up the good work.