Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sitting In The Waiting Room

I need to remember to bring my own magazines to physical therapy. 'Runner's World' is beyond unreadable. I know it went crap many many many years ago but yeesh it's even awfuller than I remember. But Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is where all the cool kids hang out. I ran into my masters swim coach there today as I was leaving and she was coming for PT for her knee. She had surgery for a torn meniscus a few weeks before me and she's not doing so well. I feel bad for her, rehab is hard enough when things are going well. I was happy to be able to tell her I was on my way to the pool for my first post op swim. I'm hoping to be back at masters in a few weeks but for now I need to swim on my own.

PT went o.k. The therapist moved my foot and toes around a lot more and a lot longer than last time. She said my range of motion was looking good. I asked her if there was anything she could suggest for exercise for my legs and she said I could go on the bike trainer as long as I pedal with my heel on my bad foot. I was ecstatic to hear that and normally the trainer is . My legs are turning to mush and worse my bad knee feels like it's seizing up with the lack of activity. Of course it's the same leg as my bad foot. She also told me I could walk around the house without my crutches full time as long as I keep my weight on my heel and wear my surgical shoe. She was thinking I could do away with the crutches in just a few days but the doctor's timetable has me off them in 2 1/2 more weeks so she's going to ask him about that.

Words can't describe how good it felt to be back in the pool. I was nervous about my foot at first but after a few laps I was fine, not kicking with a lot of force but not holding back too much either. I swam for 500 yards then pulled with the pull buoy and paddles for another 500 yds. The 1000 yards/20 minutes went all too fast but the therapist suggested that as a starting point and I thought it made sense. It felt like nothing but I didn't want to overdue it and my arms were sore using the crutches on the way back to the car so it was good that I stopped. I have to be careful not to fatigue my arms too badly while I'm still on crutches or I won't be able to get around.

Driving short distances at low speeds (max 35 mph) is no problem but driving to work involves 50 mph speeds and a 20 minute drive so I won't be going back for a bit but they're finally sending me something to work on at home so I'll have some work for tomorrow.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching 'End of the Century' which is a Ramones documentary. I loved seeing the live footage of the concerts, esp. the early stuff at CBGB's but ugh I hate sitting through the stuff about their personal lives. Rock stars are boring. And parents, here's a tip for keeping your kid off heroin-just hang a picture of Dee Dee Ramone circa the end of his life on your kid's wall. If that isn't enough to scare the little nipper straight I don't know what is. Best part of the show aside from the concert footage was a video of Dee Dee's attempt at a solo career as a rapper. High-larious. How did I ever miss that?

Joe Strummer's most recent biography, 'The Future Is Unwritten', was better in that Joe Strummer had a far more interesting life but the film itself was kind of scattered and confusing especially at the start. It got better as the film progressed but overall it lacked cohesion. Also it didn't show the name or significance of the person being interviewed which was especially confusing since the rock and roll set is not exactly known for aging well so even if you might have known who the person was you couldn't possibly recognize them in their current state. Still it was worth it for the live footage and the opportunity to hear London Calling on the big screen and through fancy pants theater speakers. We hauled our butts out on a Wednesday night to see it in the theater and it was well worth it.

Kind of freaky that both men died so young (Joey Ramone was 49, Joe Strummer was 50) from medical causes (Joey had a brain tumor, Joe had an undiagnosed heart condition) and not from say a heroin overdose (that was Dee Dee). Very sad. Still, I suppose if you've got Bono, John Cusak, Jonny Depp, Matt Dillon, Flea, Steve Buscemi and a bunch of stoned old hippies sitting around a campfire telling the story of your life I'd say you led a pretty full life even if it was way too short and you still had a lot of great music left in you.


  1. Gosh, between you and Small Dog I get all the movies and TV shows I need, and I don't even have to spend more than 5 minutes doing each! It's a great timesaver!

    I dunno about Runners WOrld--at Kaiser they seem to have only magazines like "Small Child Living" and "Parenting R Us" and sometimes "Cars Beer and Guns" (none of which interest me); it's an interesting mix. I'd ever rather read People. I've taken to carrying a crossword puzzle magazine in my car specifically to take into waiting rooms with me.


  2. I love reading 'People', it's shameful I know but how can you not feel better about your life after reading about the screwed up lives of celebrities? But there was no People, just Runner's World and a bunch of other stuff I had no interest in. And a copy of Spin from early 2006 with a cover story about 'The Strokes' that I read in the knee doctor's office when I was going through knee surgery. Somehow I find this really depressing. I think one of these times I'm going to toss it just so I don't have to look at it anymore. It is 2 years old for crying out loud.

    I'm not really that into t.v. I usually only watch it when I'm too exhausted to do anything else and it puts me to sleep in 15-20 minutes. But I'm stuck on the couch and I can only read so much so I've been into the DVD's.