Monday, January 30, 2012

Week in Training

A good solid week of training, finally.  Too much swimming relative to biking and running but that always happens this time of year.  Would have liked to have a couple short runs in that mix, not sure what happened this week.  I think I was tired with the swimming.  Though it's only 7 hours of training I had another 4 hours of hiking (and more of dog walking).  I don't count it as training but it does count as something, especially since some of the trails were super steep.

Had an odd revelation today when I went to enter one of my planned Xterra triathlons, the Mountain Championships in Beaver Creek, CO in July.  It's a longer race than normal and you get more points for your placements but it's also more competitive and one of the toughest Xterras.  There's an early bird discount fee, $75 compared to the regular $95 fee if I enter by tomorrow so I went to the registration page today.  And balked.  Hmmm.  Such a long, hard race and the logistics of it are a pain in the ass plus the huge amount of money to spend the night in Beaver Creek though I suppose I could sleep in the car somewhere nearby.  Somebody who's done it has told me about it and it doesn't sound appealing, especially the swim.  It's kind of an ordeal of a race all the way around and the only reason to enter it would be to qualify for Xterra Nationals and to have something to push myself for mid-season.  But there's pushing yourself and there's sucking the fun out of everything and this is kind of straddling the line.  The thought of bagging it makes me heave a huge sigh of relief but then leaves a hole.  I think for now I'll leave off entering and just suck it up and pay the higher price later.  But that feels like wimping out.  If I enter now, I'll start pushing myself now and be uber ready in July.  But while goals should be challenging they should also be fun and I'm not so sure this race sounds like fun.  Then there's the matter of I was doing these jumps in the shallow end of the pool today per the masters coach to practice pushing off the wall and even though I was jumping in water my knee was all, 'What the . . . ???!!!##%^$%#%#'  Seems way too early in the year to be stressing over races.  What is May going to be like?

This week and next will be disrupted again by an agility seminar and a trial but then it's back to business.

Swim:  8100 yards/3 hours, 17 minutes

Mountain bike:  17.94 miles/2 hours, 10 mins.

Run:  6.38 miles/1 hours, 38 mins.

Total training time: 7 hours, 5 mins.

Hiking:  9 miles/4 hours, approx.

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  1. It is indeed too early in the year to stress too much over races! I keep telling myself, it's still January!!! Glad all is going well with training though!