Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hiking at Hall Ranch

Another attempt at photographing a sundog, or perhaps more accurately Iridescent Clouds, but I like sundog better even if it's maybe not precisely correct.

Some beautiful, strange things going on with the clouds today whatever you want to call it.  I only had my cheapo point and shoot though and the two of us struggle with the sky.

Was too windy for biking so Jonny and I decided to go for a hike at Hall Ranch.  Dogs aren't allowed there but not to worry, they had a nice long hike of their own in the morning on our neighborhood trails.

Classic Hall Ranch view before the skies turned weird

We went up the trail that allows bikes rather than the hiker only trail that we normally take because we figured it wouldn't be busy and it wasn't.  I haven't been riding on this trail in probably 15 years and here's why.

I don't have the biking skills for a 'trail' like this and several years ago they opened another trail that's far less technical so that's the one I always ride.  This trail has become way more eroded and technical than when I rode it lo the many years ago and back then it was already too hard for me.  It was fun to hike up though and fun to watch the people with skills ride it though plenty of folks still had to get off and walk.

The prairie dogs are fat and sassy this time of year.  This one had some words for me.

The views at Hall never disappoint.

Some of the residents enjoying their lazy Sunday.

There are actually 4 deer lounging but some were hidden behind bushes so I left them out of the shot.

Jonny was laughing at me for taking pictures of the deer since we see them all the time in our neighborhood, out our windows, etc. but sometimes it's nice to get a picture of them in their natural habitat rather than lounging in someone's front yard.

The hike was only 6 miles/2 hours, 42 minutes but I'd gone for a 6.4 mile trail run yesterday plus the 1 hour 20 minute hike in the morning with the dogs so my legs were tired before we even started.  It was worth it though, can't remember the last time I've been on a hike outside the hood.

Tomorrow I get to meet with an artist that's hiring me to help him with an art project.  It never occurred to me to market hypnosis to artists and I doubt there's a huge demand but this project will be interesting anyway.  Never a dull moment in the hypnotherapy world.