Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Have a New Hero

And his name is Sergio.  He built us a new fence at a fraction of the price that the fence company wanted.  Which was a whopping $950.  Plus he did it today and only took 4 hours.  Most people in my neighborhood are only first getting their estimates of way too much money today from the fancy fence companies.  Lots of people walking by stopped to get Sergio's number.  In fact I worried someone would kidnap him for their blown down fence while we were at Home Dept buying the supplies but when we got back he was still there, digging holes and putting up lines of string to make sure everything was nice and straight.  It was quite the party in the fencing department at Home Depot this morning by the way.  Everybody and their granny and their granny's Chihuahua was in the fencing department at Home Depot this morning.  Lots of fences down in Boulder with that last windstorm.  Winds went over 100 mph in some parts of town, were up in the 90's in my part of town I think.

The dogs are very thankful to Sergio as well.  Though maybe not so thankful to me for making them pose.  Cody was also in the picture but had moved by the time I snapped the shot.  He doesn't hear so well any more so he didn't hear me say 'Stay'.  That's his story anyway.

Sergio did a really nice job too.  He put in really nice connection joints.  I didn't even ask him to do that.

The existing beam/post connections were simple toenail connections.

I know, this is probably something only a structural engineer can appreciate but I was weeping with joy at the sight of those lovely new connections.

Funny what a big impact a fence has on your life when you have 3 dogs.  We're all very thankful to our friend Joy for hooking us up with Sergio.  The dog ladies with fences down in my neighborhood were all comparing notes about their fence guys - 'I'll have my fence guy call you', they promise.  Well my fence is fixed and so far nobody else has called me so Hooray! again for Sergio.  I suppose that's one more facet to being a Crazy Dog Lady, I now have a fence guy.

Strummer is very happy to be back at his games.


  1. Glad you have your ence back!

  2. Fence, fence, fence :-)

  3. Cool! But dont you hate how a new fence makes the old fence look like crap?

  4. Yeah I know. We had that problem with painting the house as well. We'd get one room done and it looked nice but then the rest of the house looked that much crappier.

  5. That's excellent--very happy for you! Hooray for Sergio!

  6. Those *are* nice connection joints! I always wondered how fences held together with all that toe nailing. Especially on the boards when the boards are sitting in a slot instead of nothing below them. After our last fence was installed, a couple of months later the neighbor had to go along and re-toenail all the boards along the bottom, they'd done such a crappy job of it. I don't feel too bad because he's the one who picked the contractor.

  7. I'm not a fan of toenail joints and as an engineer when I'd specify a connection like the good one shown the contractor would inevitably call me up and whine, 'Why can't I just toenail it?' Toenail joints actually have a fair amount of strength if done properly but the problem is they're not always done properly.