Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week In Training

A great week all the way around though light on triathlon training volume due to a trial over the weekend but still not too bad.  Highlight of the week had to do with work.  I had a couple with marital problems come into my office absolutely seething at each other.  You could practically see the waves of hostility emanating off their bodies and at some point early in the over an hour drive to my office they had stopped talking to each other.  Well, they left my office smiling, laughing, high five-ing each other,  I was so happy for them the rest of the day.  They've got kids as well so it was particularly satisfying to see them work things out.  I love my new job.

Also had a break through in my swimming this week.  I didn't have any workouts with timed intervals so I don't have hard numbers but I felt faster and was getting stuck behind people who are normally faster than me and sort of, kind of keeping up with the really fast people in my lane.  By Friday I couldn't wait for masters to start.  I've upped my consumption of 'super greens' (kale, spinach, chard) having them at least once a day, sometimes twice, in addition to regular salad greens and I definitely felt better and had more energy.  Popeye has nothing on me.

I found out my road bike cyclometer is messed up so I hadn't ridden at a 12 mph pace the other week.  Phew.  My pace for the same route this week was 14.4 mph which is still woefully slow but I hardly ever ride my road bike and there were a few good hills plus I'd gone for a run earlier in the day and had tired legs.  Plus I don't have the best attitude about riding my road bike but I wanted to get some biking in this week and it's better than the trainer.

Strummer got his first Grand Prix Q with a beautiful run.  I'll have a full post on the trial but I'm waiting for the video of his Grand Prix run since someone else filmed me on their camera.  It was my first time ever running in Championship Grand Prix and it was  kick in the pants with all the people yelling in the stands.  Very fun.

Swim:  7000 yards/3 hours

Mountain bike:  Nada

Road bike:  14.28 miles/59:23 mins.

Run:  9.22 miles/2 hours, 29 secs.

Total training time: 5 hours, 59:52 mins. (let's call it 6 hours)

Would love to rest on my laurels but another week awaits.

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