Monday, July 02, 2007

Too Hot To Handle

Unfortunately the weather forecasters were right for once and we were treated to some terrible heat over the weekend for the 3 day USDAA trial. 95 degrees on Sat., 98 and Sun. and 99 today, phew. Thankfully today went quickly and I was done with my 4 classes by 12:30. I was so happy I hadn't entered Jumpers, I was so tired, hot and loopy after 3 days of such intense heat. Thankfully Jonny had come down to watch today and helped me tear down & load up. Can't even begin to say how grateful I was for that.

The good news is that both dogs' teams qualified in the Team event, Cody got his first masters standard Q with a first place, and he got his first Speed Jumping Q taking 3rd place in the finals the following day. O.k., there were only 3 dogs but we still q'ed and got $7 and a pretty ribbon which is better than no $7 and no pretty ribbon. The heat was beating down during Speed Jumping and Cody was slower than normal but still working pretty well so I was happy. I didn't have enough time to walk the course because I was running in the other ring so I was confused for a moment a couple of places on course during the run and caused a wide turn or two. Both dogs picked up Snooker Q's but no Super Q's, we missed by one point which was stupid because I had a full 10 extra seconds for both dogs, I easily could have added an extra 4 points and picked up SQ's for both of them.

The other good news is that the dogs ran great despite the heat. They were slower than normal but that was fine with me, I didn't want them pushing in such extreme weather. Nobody shut down or had any stress issues, both dogs had beautiful tables (we've been working on that) which is a good sign that they're enjoying themselves and not stressed. No major meltdown runs either, all the E's were just little things. In particular Lola was sucking to the A-frame no matter what I did and this caused 3-4 E's so we'll need to work on that. Weaves were pretty good, Cody didn't pop out at all and Lola was more consistent as well. We had another quick practice before the trial, I suppose that helped.

Best spectator moment-a woman fell at #6 in her Snooker closing and her big floppy hat fell off her head. She got up to continue her run and her big black lab picked up the hat in his mouth and finished the course which included a tunnel, the weave poles and the teeter. Very cute.

I had a bit of drama Sat. night as Lola seemed to have gotten something in her eye. It started running mid-morning and she was squinting by the end of the day. Her Team Jumpers run was really off, she was ticking bars and missed the weave poles entirely, probably because she couldn't see me. So I took her to the Emergency Vet and they stained the eye and checked for corneal abrasions, used a Q-tip to clean out all around the eye and put some antibiotics into it but they couldn't find anything. Sun. morning she was still squinty and I almost left her home but decided to take her with to see if she would improve. As it turned out she was perfectly fine all day and the squinting disappeared. No problems at all today either so hopefully it was nothing.

I went to masters tonight even though I was still tired & woozy from this morning but I thought a nice cool swim would feel so good and it did. I got out after 45 minutes and started to get a row from the coach until I told her were I'd been for 3 days and even she understood and told me she wouldn't put me on the sinners list.

Now my big question is, do I go to Nationals? I said I probably would if both dogs qualified in Team but I think I wasn't thinking that was going to happen. Lola has no Grand Prix Q's because she missed so many trials because of her injury. There's only one more local trial, if I want to try to qualify I can go to Utah in August and/or Nebraska in Sept. but I'm not sure I want to do that. Cody is qualified in Grand Prix and has the one Speed Jumping Q. We'll try for that at the local trial. I'm not sure all that travelling is worth it to add only 2-3 events and we could travel and still not Q. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Being in Team for the Nationals is the most useful, IMHO, because you get at least 4 runs for the weekend, plus makes you eligible to sign up for the bonus classes if you want them.

    After many spectacular failures (or heartbreakingly close failures), I stopped traveling long distances to try to get the Qs I want. I've never been consistent enough with any of my dogs, and I'm even worse when I'm beat from a long trip.

    Well, if you decide to go, would love to meet you. :-)


  2. Yeah, I had decided that I would only consider going if we qualified in Team, that's the only way it's worth the trip. I don't care all that much about Speed Jumping for Lola but I'd love to get her in the Grand Prix and it's the one class in which she has a high Q rate. I won't travel just for that Q though, I have to decide if there's some other fun reason to go and if I think I'll be in the mood. Also, maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing running just one dog in the Grand Prix. Lo had a bye into the semifinals last year so I ran only Cody in the quarterfinals and it was nice to focus on just him, it was my favorite run from all of nationals and he did so well. The crating area was so far from the rings that I didn't have a lot of time to rush back for the second dog for most of the events and it was a bit stressful.

    I made a reservation for an RV spot at Westworld just in case but I can cancel up to a week out. I'm thinking I'll probably go if things work out o.k. at work. Of course we can try to meet up if we go. I was thinking of going to San Franciso for the Regionals and turn it into a vacation if we didn't get into Nationals but I won't do both. I wanted to do that last year since Lo had an unused bye into a Regional finals in the grand prix but it was too close to NADAC Champs and I couldn't bug out because I had committed to a team so we went to nationals instead.

  3. ohgods you've already made reservations? Jeez, it IS July already! I have no idea who I'm going to be traveling with. Guess I'd better get on the phone and reserve SOMETHING.