Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Schedule

Can't quite make up my mind (what else is new) about August's upcoming events. Two things I'm sure of: USDAA trial in WY, Aug. 24-26
Glenwood Springs Triathlon, Sept. 9 (yay, I got in)

Can't make up my mind about the off road tri Aug. 4th. I'm still unsure about the bike but I'm leaning towards doing it. If I do then I can only do 1 day of the DOCNA trial that weekend. Or I can skip DOCNA and travel to UT on Aug. 11-12 for a USDAA trial. It's a 7:50 hour drive according to mapquest and it wouldn't help me qualify either dog for Speed Jumping at Natl's. because Speed Jumping is on Friday with all the team events and I'm not doing team and thus not taking a whole day off work for one class. But it's supposed to be a great trial site and a really fun trial. Several people from my training field go and they all rave about it. Also, I could try for that Grand Prix leg for Lola. But it's so far and what about global warming? But it sounds fun. But I really want to support the DOCNA trial. Boy my life is tough isn't it?

I added a couple of new blogs to my links, Diary of a Mad Triathlete which I like because the guy has 2 neurotic border collies (isn't that redundant?) and a sense of humor (can you have one without the other?). Plus he's got chickens & other small farm animals and lives in a small eccentric town in the northeast which is always good for amusing stories.

Also, Couch Potato to Ironman which is about what it sounds like it's about. Right now the guy is struggling to get through a sprint but he's pretty gutsy and determined so I'm sure he'll eventually reach his Ironman goal. Inspirational reading to say the least.


  1. "qualify for speed jumping"? Is joke or is I missing something?

    And how do you know what's on what days? I've not seen anything on the usdaa site??


  2. This year we have to qualify for Speed Jumping for Nationals, 2 Q's just like Steeplechase.

    I thought the premium was on the USDAA site but maybe it was posted locally, I can't quite remember where I saw it. In any case it listed the events for all 3 days and Speed Jumping was on Friday with all the Team events.

  3. Oh, speed jumping, duh--I had "power and speed" in my head when I asked that question.