Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey Baby, It's The 4th of July

A link to some photos from the Speed Jumping finals, Cody and I are the 3rd and 4th photos from the top, the only crazy brindle mutt in the group [Sorry, the photo website is terrible, I can't do a direct link. You have to click on FRAT/FRAC USDAA trial then on Monday Speed Jumping]. Dorky picture of me but nice ones of Cody. If you look closely you can see the waves of heat rising off of us. The best photo is the one of Great Dane Morgan directly below. What an amazing dog she is, 8 or 9 years old or something and she won the Speed Jumping with a blazing fast 35 second time that I think was as fast or faster than the Steeplechase times. I think her team won the Perf. Team event too. She's so fun to watch.

Went mountain biking in Winter Park (about 2 hours away up in the mountains) yesterday and oh what a gorgeous day. I had no problem on trails I was struggling with last year. Perhaps because I had agility on the brain I was thinking more about setting lines on the twisty turny stuff and felt a huge improvement over how I normally ride. Jonny was up ahead of me and I saw him doing it ever so naturally, I'll bet he doesn't even think about it. He's talking about joining a team and getting some sponsorship which he easily could do. I tried to encourage him years ago but he wasn't interested in competing. Now he rides with all these competitive people and sees all the nice swag they get from their sponsorships and it doesn't require all that much work so he's going to look into it.

I'm having a relaxing, non-structured day today, maybe a nice hike or something we'll see how it goes. Happy 4th to all.

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  1. The photo site also wants a username and password, FYI, so can't get in.

    "Perhaps because I had agility on the brain I was thinking more about setting lines on the twisty turny stuff..." LOL! So often after I've been really concentrating on some aspect of running with my dog--rear crosses, picking a line, whatever, I catch myself looking for the same moves when I'm walking, grocery shopping, driving (although I skip the front crosses here), and so on.