Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pure Joy

If there's anything more joyous than galloping down a Colorado mountainside with the sun on your shoulders, a cool breeze at your back and My Chemical Romance's cover of Astro Zombies blasting through your brain I surely don't know what it is.

In other completely unrelated news, the Tour Day France has started which means my cycling obsessed husband will be glued to the tube for the next 3, yes count 'em 3 weeks. I on the other hand will not because watching people ride road bikes on t.v. bores me to tears. Bob Roll is a hoot but not entertaining enough to endure the mind numbing boredom of the rest of it. And they still don't have a winner for last year.
Oh and my bike ride today sucked big time. Jonny took me up the jeep road from hell because there was a nice meadow with pretty wildflowers. While this was true it did not quite make up for the rocky, steep relentless climb. I'm sure I ended up hiking more than I biked. I ran into another cyclist who informed me this was the worst road in Boulder County and he didn't know what the heck he was doing on it. Yeah, me neither.

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  1. I hope Jonny enjoyed fellow Scot David Millar's day in the English sun on the TdF last weekend.

    And as for Bradley Wiggins - they let him fry on Friday 13th ! 124 miles in front on his own, only to be reeled back into the peloton with 3 km to go.

    That hurt. Big time.