Saturday, July 21, 2007

But I Don't Wanna Be A Hobbit

There's lots of cool stuff someone could buy if they stole your credit card-a top of the line full suspension titanium mountain bike, a Strat, a kick ass stereo system, plane tickets to Patagonia, entry fees for a USDAA trial, the list is endless. But no, my credit card gets stolen by Dorky McDorkface and the best he can do is 6 months worth of World of Warcraft which apparently is like smack for nerds. Geez, if you're gonna steal my credit card at least buy some good stuff so I can live vicariously. At least I hope my character is a big bad ass fire breathing dragon or something but given this geek's complete lack of imagination I'm probably a nerdy little hobbit.

And BTW, you know you're getting old and out of touch when you have to consult Wikipedia to splain to you just what exactly it is that the kids are buying with your stolen credit card.


  1. Credit card company said they'd remove the charges so no big deal there but I wish I could get that hour back of my life that I spent trying to figure out what the charges were and dealing with the credit card company.

  2. Are they going to issue a new credit card number? If it's out there and useable now, maybe that would be a good thing? My number got stolen a few years back and a more clever person charged bunches and bunches of airline tickets to it--2 or 3 a day--and the only reason I caught it early was because the airline sent hardcopies of the receipts to my house. The only way to stop it was by cancelling that number and getting a new one, which meant that everything I had set up with autopay on my credit card also had to be futzed with.

    Jerks. (Thieves, not credit card company, who did keep me dangling for 3 or 4 months while "investigating" but did eventually cancel the charges.)


  3. Oh yeah, I cancelled the card right away. I'm even cancelling another card I have with the same company that hasn't been burgled yet just in case. And yeah, it'll be a big hassle to switch the autopay stuff over but oh well.

  4. "Smack for nerds."

    It was worth the hassle of having your credit card stolen to inspire that line alone ...