Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finally some good runs

I had a grand total of one trick or treater last night despite the balmy weather. Why oh why did I buy candy that I like? Hopefully Jonny will scarf it down quickly before I get my paws into it.

Tri training
Running last week was much improved. Wednesday I FINALLY had a 1 1/2 mile run that felt like a real run and not a painful death hobble. I ran on Friday and Sunday and both those runs went well too. I think I may finally be nearing full recovery.

I only swam once last week, master's on Tuesday. I blew off Thursday's practice because I was too tired. The one workout went well though, I stayed until the end for the first time but I came a bit late and missed the first 450 yards so I still can't say I've endured a full master's workout yet.

I did a couple of mountain bike rides during my lunch hour on the rather tame Teller Farm/White Rocks trail. Definitely a novice level trail but hilly and fun. I'm going to stay off any hard trails until next spring. No point pushing it at this stage in the season.

Monday, Oct. 31
1 3/4 mile run &1 1/4 mile walk with both dogs 'round Wonderland Lake in the a.m. It was nice to be out in the daylight. This was an increase of almost a mile for me but only 1/4 mile increase of running. Everything felt fine and no hobbling afterwards-yeeha!

Circuit training class in the p.m., 40 mins. or so. I increased some of the weights and today I'm SORE.

Dog Agility
I didn't practice at all during the week. The weather was so nice that I decided to focus on biking and give the dogs a break until it cools down again. On Sunday I went to a fun match up at Power Pups in Windsor again. This time there were only about 6 of us there, probably because they'd had a match on Sat. as well and there was another match down near Denver. It was mostly people from my regular training place and they were practicing for USDAA Nationals next week. The course was a USDAA Grand Prix course so there was no table.

The dogs' behavior at the place was terrible, they were barking and whining the second I put them in their crates which is unusual for Lola but typical for Cody. I think the cloudy, cool weather had them all wound up. However they were both great on course, absolutely no signs of stress at all even with me leading out a bit at the start line! I was so thrilled. I made some handling mistakes and sent them off course but all mistakes were mine and they were focused and listening perfectly. And they were having a blast too! I have it all on tape too so I know I'm being objective. My handling, esp. my timing, needs yet more work and Cody is still doing some big loopy turns when I'm too late with my cues but we did have some tight turns as well so I know we can do it. Both dogs had perfect contacts and weaves, though Cody looked a bit hesitant toward the end of the weaves on the second round. Could have been because he was tired/sore or because I was tired and not encouraging him through.

Overall the dogs did great and I'm really pleased with the increase in their confidence.

Monday, Oct. 31
Took Lola to Biscuit Eaters at lunchtime to practice on a Grand Prix course left over from weekend run thru's. She was great again, no stress issues, no running off to chase bunnies, great contacts except for a small almost flyoff on the teeter. We need to work on that a bit, that's my fault because I've been letting her get off with it so she thinks it's o.k. I was having some trouble with handling again though. I think I 'm going to schedule a lesson with one of the Biscuit Eaters teachers so I can have a little tune up. Sometimes it helps to have someone watch you and telly you exactly what you're doing wrong.

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