Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is that Shepler/Buddy is no longer on the humane society's website so hopefully he found a new home.

The bad news is that Kaylynn did not get along well with Cody & Lola. She and Lola especially didn't care for each other. They both have the same fearful/pushy temperament and I think this will be a bad combination. The foster mom didn't exactly talk me out of it but she said she thought it wasn't the best of all possible matches. She said it was possible the best I could hope for was that they'd all just ignore each other and one would leave the room when the other one came in. My house is just too small and my time too limited for these kinds of doggie politics.

I was heartbroken leaving her there, she's such a sweet, awesome little dog, perfect for agility. Jonny adored her too. I'm sure I'll be fighting back the tears when I go to take the empty crate out of the car later. I was really looking forward to training a new dog too! But deep down I think it's for the best.

As for tri training:

Thurs.-2200 yards at master's
Friday-2 1/2 mile run/1/2 mile walk
Sat.-Rest day. My left hip hurts from the 4 hours of driving and my right knee is playing up with the cold weather. I sound like such an old lady.

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  1. I'm sorry she didn't work out for you guys. But I did enjoy the phrase "doggie politics."