Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday Masters Workout

Here's tonight's masters workout:

Warm up
150 yards free & non-free

Warm up set
400 yards free
100 yds non-free
200 yds pull, alternate breathe
100 yards kick (I cheated & used fins)

3rd person rest after each change

6x50 on 1:20 as follows:
25 fly/25 back
25 back/25 breast
25 breast/25 free
repeat for 6 total

Freestyle drills:
We put a big rubber band around our ankles to work on our catch. The idea is that you have to start your catch as soon as you put your hand in the water and have a high turnover rate to keep your back end from dragging you down. Also helps you work on pushing down on your chest to keep your back end up. I was panicky at first with my legs dragging me down but soon got used to it.

100 yards free then
5x50 as follows:
2 50's were 25 breast stroke arms only, 25 free with band
3 50's were 25 breast stroke/25 free with no band

Main Set:
25 back on 40
100 free on 2:10
75 free alt. breathe on 1:30
25 free breathe to off side on 40

Repeat 4 times

Total: 2600 yards, 1 1/4 hours

This was my first complete masters workout since my accident and it felt great!

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