Monday, November 07, 2005

I Triple Dog Dare You

Well, thankfully Shepler got adopted on Sunday and not by me (phew!). However, last Thursday I made the mistake of going down to see a Border Collie being rescued by a woman who runs Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue. She works in my office building and I avoid her like the plague but every once in a while my coworkers manage to lure me down there to check out a dog. I finally got suckered in by a sweet little BC named Courtney and sent in my adoption application last night. (And BTW, I think it would be easier adopting a kid, that application was LONG).

She was turned in to Denver Dumb Friends League who were going to put her down immediately because she was jumping her family's 6 foot fence. BC rescue stepped in and now hopefully she'll find a nice home. Her former owners were a family with 3 kids and they had no time for her (duh! Why oh why do these type of people get Border Collies? Just how clueless do you have to be?). Anyway, she's in a town 2 hours away just now being fostered by an agilty instructor for 2 weeks and the instructor will teach her some basic obedience and work on her socialization. She'll also be able to get a good idea about her temperament and possible issues. Now I just have to hope she doesn't adopt her out to one of her students and that Princess Lola will accept her.


  1. She looks very ladylike, especially in that second photo.

  2. Third photo. When I resize my browser, the photos move around.

  3. Blogspot is kind of a pain sometimes but it's free so I guess I can't complain. I have problems with my sidebar showing up at the bottom on my old home computer and the pictures shift around too. They never seem to come out formatted quite the way I expect they will and sometimes when I link to them to post at Taper Madness they don't show up over there consistently (ie one day a picture will show, the next day it won't). Very strange but I'm too stupid to figure it out.