Friday, May 02, 2014

USDAA Survey

I'm off to USDAA Regionals in 1/2 an hour but thought I'd pass on a link to a survey they're doing for those not on their mailing list:

I'm too cynical to be fooled into thinking it'll make any kind of significant difference but it's pretty short so what the heck.

It's a 3 day agility weekend so of course it's supposed to be unseasonably warm (mid-70's today, 80's on Sat. and Sun.) and we're indoors in a facility that is terrible in the heat.  It's the only place I've ever seen Strummer struggle with the heat.  Thankfully I'm only entered in morning events tomorrow so I should be out before it gets too stifling.  And last fall I figured out where the hose is and how to hook it up and that made a huge difference so I'm confident we'll be o.k. this time.  Still, why this weekend for the 80 degree heat and we're not outside?  May is so fickle.  I remember one year when we had 4" of snow first thing in the morning for a NADAC trial so I understand totally why the clubs didn't want to risk being outside.  Ah well, at least I'm not signed up for full days, just Team and Steeplechase and Masters Challenge Biathlon.  Just the right amount to be fun and not draining.

Wheels up in 20, looking forward to a fun day.

Always ready for action when it comes to agility.

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