Saturday, May 03, 2014

USDAA Rocky Mountain Regionals Day 2

A quick day today, finished with 3 runs by 11:30 a.m.  A very fun, nice Team Jumpers run, a not so fun 7 point Team Snooker run that made me cranky and I very very pretty much never get cranky but wow I got a little bit cranky for a bit.  Especially since it was a super easy Snooker course and everybody else got at least through 6.  Then mucked up the Masters Challenge Jumpers run but at least we had fun doing it.

Team Jumpers

This was 3rd place and a Q somehow even with the 2 point refusal.  And my teammate is so awesome that even with my 7 point Snooker run we are above the Qualifying line and not in last place.  Looking forward to redeeming myself in relay tomorrow.


  1. Super job on that team jumpers, even with that little oops!

    1. Thanks, It was a fun, challenging course.