Monday, April 28, 2014

MEX Strummer

Mr. Guaranteed Personality finished up his MEX this past Saturday.  This is DOCNA's Championship Title, like ADCH or MACH.

Obligatory photo with judge

Crazy Pants did not want to sit still for the camera.  Crazy Pants doesn't want to sit still for much of anything.  In fact he broke his start line first class of the morning on Sunday and I marched him out of the ring for the first time ever.  In fact it's the first time I've ever marched a dog out of the ring for anything.  Felt bad but his start line is beginning to erode and I can't have that.  I wondered if he understood why he was leaving but he held his start perfectly for his next two runs and at the practice jump so I guess it was the thing to do.

His final MEX run was an uninspiring Standard run, I saw the judge's arm go up for the dogwalk so I thought we had a fault and decided to experiment with rear crossing the weaves which did not go well but is not a fault in DOCNA.  It wasn't until I was leashing up Strummer that I happened to hear the scribe question the judge about the dogwalk and found out Strum did get a rear foot in and the judge took back the fault so we were clean.  Then there was the horrifying leap from the apex of the down ramp of the dogwalk on his victory lap.  The best part of the video is Strummy's training partner sticking his nose through the fencing at the end to congratulate him.  I put his NAC run on the video as well since it was a fun run and fast.  He dropped the last bar probably because it was a double heading into a congested area where equipment was stacked against a wall.  I think he just balked a little jumping into it.  But it's still a Q in the NAC and he ended up in 1st.

NAC and Standard MEX run
Strummer's MEX Run and NAC from colliebrains on Vimeo.

It was a tiring trial even though I'd only signed up for 3 runs per day because I'd had 4 straight days of mountain biking in Eagle and Fruita (over 4 hours drive) before the trial.  We were having our roof replaced and I thought it would be best all the way around if we took a mini vacation.  Of course roof had some major issues and they ran a half day late but dogs were mostly o.k. today with the noise and people.  Tomorrow we start with the re-tile of the bathroom project which will be super fun since it's our only bathroom.  Thankfully the Rec Center is only 5 minutes away and I can shower there but sheesh what a pain.

Now to recover for USDAA Regionals starting on Friday.

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