Friday, May 16, 2014

Adventures in Training

Last month I finally decided to pull the trigger and hire a triathlon coach.  It's something I've resisted up until now mostly because for crying out loud, what a ridiculous bourgeoisie Boulder luxury to lavish money on.  I'm not a pro, I'm not even at the pointy end of my age group and even if I was, why on earth do I need a coach?  Get out there, do some swimming, some biking, some running, enter a few races to keep me motivated and call it good.  And last year this strategy worked very well for me.  I cut 15 minutes off my time from the year before in 2 races despite being a year older.

But I've quickly run out of training ideas for interval workouts and I'm going mostly on instinct and how my body feels as far as choosing how many hours to train in total and how to spread that time between each discipline.  I'm never sure how much to cut back and when before a race.  And Nationals didn't go as well as I would have liked last year.  If I go this year, and I'm thinking that I want to, I want to do better.  Or at least not feel so horrible on that climb on the bike up Sardine Peak.  So many questions and uncertainty about how to move forward.

Then there's the time management thing.  It seemed like I spent a lot of time last summer scrambling to get workouts in between clients and the business of running my business.  And it seemed like there was plenty of time, it just wasn't spent in the most efficient way and I'd waste a lot of mental energy constantly re-scheduling my workouts to fit clients.  Some days I'd spend half the day debating whether I should bike or run, and where I should bike or run, or whether I should try to make the next masters swim workout.  Sometimes I was good and I'd plan the whole week out on Sunday night but by the end of the week I'd realize almost nothing had ended up going to plan.

One of the big things about running your own business is figuring out what parts of your life to delegate to other people-stuff like house cleaning, running errands, yard work, etc. so that you can focus on the important stuff.  The problem of course is having the funds to do that so far now I do my own manual labor.  But this is one area where I think delegating is going to be a very good thing.  So far I'm way more organized with my time.  I can put my training schedule into my appointment put weeks in advance so I'm not scheduling somebody during a key masters workout or an afternoon when I want to go ride at Hall Ranch.  I'm not cutting down on work to do my training, just doing a better job of meshing them together.

Not having to devise workouts and debate over whether or not I'm doing too much or too little is also a load off my shoulders.  I was in a rut of following a certain training plan of intervals and now my world is opened up to a smorgasbord of types and distances of intervals.  I don't have to spend any mental energy on the why's of my training, I just have to figure out the when and where and this frees up a huge chunk of mental energy.  Didn't realize how much energy I was spending on it until I didn't have to do it anymore.

And I have to say, between the training, the nutrition tweaks and my new kick ass bike I'm feeling pretty fit and feisty for Xterra Lory in 2 weeks.  I don't think I've ever done a triathlon so early in the season but I'm feeling ready and I still have one more hard training week to put in before the easy week leading up to the race.  There are loads of people registered in my age group, 50-54 is the new 40-44.  Or something.  Should be very fun.  Horsetooth Reservoir was 50 degrees a few days ago, we've been having an unseasonably cool spring.  Let's hope some warmer days come and toast it up a bit in the next 2 weeks.

Went up to Buffalo Creek last Saturday to ride one of my favorite trails and conditions were about as perfect as it gets up there.  Wonderful tacky hero dirt rather than the sandpit you often get in places on the trail.

This was not the race course for my Xterra in August but rather a portion of the Colorado Trail that goes to a loop around Green Mountain.  Wonderful uppy downy swoopy singletrack.

And I managed to get my intervals in though I went 40 minutes over my prescribed riding time.  I had to go overtime to get the Green Mountain Loop in but I was feeling good and after the fact my coach said it was no problem.  She's a mountain biker and does Xterra's so she understands the lure of the trail.  And the idea that this is all supposed to be fun.  Which is why I think she's going to be a great match.

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