Friday, May 02, 2014

USDAA Rocky Mountain Regionals Day 1

Some nice runs from the Strum man but little mistakes here and there, typical.  I'll just post maps and videos from my favorite runs.

This was my favorite run of the day.  A missed dogwalk contact but otherwise a clean run.  Love those international style courses though this one was not as tricky as most that I've seen, at least for our skill set.

Masters Challenge Standard

Then there was the hearbreaker of Steeplechase.  It was such a perfect course for Strummer, difficult for me because of all the running but I thought I had a good handle on it because of the DOCNA trial last weekend.  I was so sure we'd make it into the Finals.  But I also know that on a super fast course like that, anything can happen. 

(I must have left my course maps at the site and for some reason USDAA doesn't have Regional Steeplechase maps on their site so I'll update when I get a map).


Poor guy, I didn't cue the second A-frame early enough and he takes an off course tunnel.   I did see this trap of course and before the run I kept reminding myself to remember to call his name early but it all happened so fast and I forgot and, well, no Steeplechase Finals for us.  You can even see him lock onto the tunnel very early so even if I'd remembered to call I'm not sure it would have done anything.  He was patterned for that tunnel from the start of the run.  Most people kept their dog on their right through that sequence and rear crossed before the A-frame but some still got off courses anyway and for Strummer I don't think that would have been the best choice. 

Funny that my 2 favorite runs were the most technical and the most wide open.  They both have their challenges.

Team Standard turned into sort of a mess because Strummer got too far ahead on the dogwalk as I paused like a deer in the headlights to marvel at the fact that he hit the contact and then couldn't get to where I needed to be.  And Gamblers went well except for the teeter flyoff in the gamble which negated our gamble points but it's a boring video so I won't bother to process it.

Was done with 4 runs by around 2:30, if only agility could always be like that.  Looking forward to more fun tomorrow.

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