Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too Tired Tuesday

Too tired/busy right now for a post about the weekend's DOCNA trial so instead here's a nice photo from agility practice this morning at my training partner's house.  Strummer had some big fun and had some nice collection on jumps and a couple of awesome difficult weave pole entries.

View of clouds clearing out of the Flatirons.

I was supposed to go on a bike ride today but it was cloudy and I was tired and Tuesday is normally my rest day and wah wah wah.  So I rode my bike the 3 miles downtown to do an errand and called it good.  At least I saved gas, pollutants and driving aggravation though the idiot hippie in the big mad hatter hat who along with his friend was taking up 2/3 of the busy bike path downtown and refused to budge and let me by was somewhat aggravating.  I used to commute on my bike all the time back in the day and it was scary enough but now with cell phones and GPS displays and the basic decline in human common sense and intelligence I'm borderline terrified.  But I'd get so much more bike mileage in and save gas and wear and tear on the car and work is only 2 miles away on mostly quiet streets so I'm making an effort to ride my bike more when it makes sense.  May is going to be all about the bike.  I'm sad to leave behind all but one of my boot camp classes but it's time to shift my attention to the long neglected bike.  Just as soon as the 12" of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow melts.

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