Friday, April 26, 2013

Bear Creek Lake Park

Jonny and I took a trip to Golden to check out Bear Creek Lake Park since it was one of the few places where the trails were dry.  The trails are very easy, smooth singletrack.  A couple of short super steepy bits but otherwise fairly easy going.  There is a good climb up Mt. Carbon, if you want to call it a 'Mt.'

View of 'Mt.' Carbon

Nonetheless I had tired legs and felt the climb since I'd gone to Kangoo boot camp class in the morning and the instructor was feeling especially fiesty. 

View of Denver from the top of Mt. Carbon

Turn around 180 degrees and you see this.

And another view from Mt. Carbon.  If you squint really hard you can see the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

They have an off-road triathlon here in the fall and I've never done it.  Last year it was a couple weeks before Xterra Nationals and the year before, its first year, it was scheduled for October and this made me leery due to the possibility of snow or very cold conditions and sure enough it snowed.  They held the race a week or two later as a duathlon.  I'd love to do the race but again it's a week before Xterra Nat's. this year.

It's a nice park, not somewhere I'd send a tourist but a good place for locals to get out and stretch their legs while waiting for the mountain trails to melt.

In all we rode only 8 1/2 miles or so but I was tired after the morning's workout and an accumulation of hard training over the past couple of weeks.  And I have an agility trial this weekend so I didn't want to go too crazy.

I should say I hope I have an agility trial tomorrow.  Strummer managed to get into a 1/2 full container of Jonny's salsa.  I've given him some hydrogen peroxide but so far no puking.  Little stinker is determined to hold onto it.  I really don't want to find out what happens when a dog eats 1/2 a container of salsa.  Guess I'll try a little more H2O2 and hope for the best.  This dog is aging me quickly.

Edited to add:

We finally have pukeage!  Phew.  Though it's sad that a vomiting dog is the highlight of my Friday night.


  1. Yay Strummer! Phew!

    Pretty park!

  2. Salsa isn't OK for a dog to eat?

    Lovely scenery as always. Mt. Carbon looks totally artificial to me, but after 5 minutes of curiosity-driven web searching, not finding any info about it.

  3. I was worried about the spices in the salsa and having a trial the next day where he'd be wound up and already having an excited stomach. He ended up being fine.

    Mt. Carbon is more of a bump or a mound than a Mt. I don't know anything about it. There's a visitor's center but I only went in to quickly use the restroom and gawk at the stuffed white porcupine with a weird artificial smile on his face. Almost went back with my camera for a picture but was itching to hit the trail. If I ever go back I'll see if they have any info. (and get a photo of said porcupine).