Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing Tourist in East County

Trails were too muddy for biking on Saturday so once again I hit the dirt roads for a visit out to The Cowboy in East Boulder County.

I ran into Jonny who was all shook up from nearly being hit by a car.  He decided to ride with me for a bit even though I'm way slower.  He showed me a blue heron rookery which I've never quite made it out to.

One of these days I'll go out there with my telephoto lens and real camera but all I had on Saturday was the point and shoot.

We also visited the largest plains Cottonwood tree in the country.

There's an Osprey nest right next to the road on my route and today one of them was hanging out on a nearby pole while the other was in the nest.

You can see a wee bit of a fish tail to the left of the pole.  Guess he was saving his snack for later.

Nice view of the Front Range from the heron rookery.

I'd like to say that that last lingering bit of powder on the mountains is the end of the snow for the season but we're due for 8" by tomorrow morning.  It was supposed to start raining this afternoon then turn to snow later but alas, it's only 10:00 a.m. and the snow has started already.  They also said the first 2" probably wouldn't stick since the ground is so warm (was shorts weather yesterday) but it's sticking in my yard already.  Can't believe it was sunny and warm an hour ago.  Oh well, at least it's coming now and not this weekend for my agility trial.


  1. Very pretty! Sorry for the schizophrenic weather...

  2. Wow! What a great tourist opportunity your area provides. Love the GB Heron rookery--always amazes me that such big birds fit nicely in trees.

  3. My captcha code was "ksimun July"; guess you can't kiss'm in May.